New Business Cards

Well I finally decided to get on the ball and make some new business cards, since I’m constantly meeting people during my travels who may find me less than professional when I scribble my website address and email on a piece of paper torn from one of my writing journals.

So I picked one of my own photos from my travels, kept the text simple, and here we are:

travel Africa

“Traveling Marla” will be one of the sponsors at an upcoming charity golf tournament, so I will at least have an opportunity to use them soon.

The photo, by the way, is from our very first trip to Kruger National Park. The elephant herd here is crossing the Sabie River just above the Lower Sabie Rest Camp.

Love, Marla

4 thoughts on “New Business Cards

  1. I LOVE IT! but you forgot PHILOSOPHER and DORK lol O
    kay, so the Dork wouldn’t be so professional, but you use it so often I had to say it!

    1. Love the “traveling ” elephants. I like some of your other pix for the inset but this one is appropriate. Good luck.

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