The Whales at Bientang’s Cave, Hermanus

My column this month for Expat Focus shares with you part of our great Cape Town excursion last year, including a visit to Hermanus.

I enjoyed writing the column, as always, and I hope you will have even more enjoyment reading it. Please follow the link below to read the column.

The Whales at Bientang’s Cave, Hermanus

As always, here are some extra photos of our adventure, just for you.

Have you been whale watching? If so, what kind of whale? Please tell me more! And if you have a nice long story about it and have photos, consider even writing me a guest post about your experience.

Love, Marla


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4 thoughts on “The Whales at Bientang’s Cave, Hermanus

  1. Wonderful, entertaining story!! Felt like I was there for every minute!! So glad the lady was wrong about them all being gone!!

  2. I found the article the roundabout way, but the direct link to it appears to be missing, unless I’m missing something big!

    Last fall I took Dylan on his first whale watching trip. We were living five minutes from Gloucester, Mass, which is great whale watching territory. We saw several humpback whales, including a baby learning how to take a nap. Not too bad, but also not breaching right whales!

    1. So excited to get those photos up that I forgot the link! Thanks, Caroline, for going out of your way to get there and for your whale story. I dream of seeing humpbacks. My grandfather had humpback whalesong on an old 45 he used to play when I was little. They are incredible. So envious of that experience!

      1. That’s awesome. There are frequently humpbacks in the Gulf of Maine, so when I was growing up I assumed they were just your standard, local whale. They’re still some of my favorites, but it would be fun to see other species in the wild. Whenever you move back to the States I’ll take you out on a humpback expedition!

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