Eating Lasagne for the First Time

Recently we had a few friends to dinner. They were from another African country, and at least one of them had never heard of lasagne. Since lasagne happens to be one of my favorite dishes to make (and eat!) I knew that’s what we would have for dinner.

For me, lasagne is always served with garlic bread and salad, so I prepared the meal that way for our friends.

I set all the food out buffet-style on the countertops, and didn’t think to mention how we normally eat lasagne, because I just assumed it was a given.

But I was surprised when I returned to the dining room table, to find that one of our friends had promptly taken the garlic bread and made himself a lasagne sandwich.

best lasagne recipe sandwich
A lasagne sandwich? Yebo! My new favorite way is the way my friend ate it: sandwiched between a couple pieces of crispy garlic bread.

Why hadn’t I ever done that? I mean, I’ve used the bread to mop up the leftovers, but a sandwich? I immediately tried his method and I’m pretty sure I’ll never again be sitting there eating my lasagne plain.

Lasagne sandwiches for me, from here on out.

How do you eat your lasagne?

Love, Marla

P.S. Since lasagne is pretty much one of my favorite foods of all time, you might guess I’m also particular on how it tastes. So I’m sharing the recipe below for how I make my lasagne, in case you’d like to try it. For the garlic bread, I prefer ciabatta bread, which currently I’ve been buying already pre-butter/garlic’d at Woolies and reading to put in the oven. The ciabatta stays crispier.lasagne recipe

5 thoughts on “Eating Lasagne for the First Time

  1. Hahaha…never tried the lasagne like that, but have done spagetti, slumgellian, and macaroni and cheese all in garlic bread sandwiches! (I admit I like a little peanut butter spread on those too).
    Lasagne sandwich sounnds perfectly all right to me!
    Love you sis

  2. Sounds good too; I might have to try that.. I hope they all enjoyed it. Bob thot it was funny too but he admitted he’s often folded his spaghetti into a garlic bread sandwich.

  3. Try the no-cook lasagna noodles sometime if you can find them. They are good and sooo easy. Before them my lasagna was always too soupy.

    Still enjoying your posts regularly! Love you.

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