Parasitic Fly Problem? Dress Like a Zebra!

Recently, I read an article on South Africa’s News24 about the latest hypothesis on why Zebras have stripes.  Long story short, apparently “blood-feeding flies shun stripey surfaces and prefer instead to land on uniform colours.”

travel South Africa
Zebra and foal in Kruger National Park

I don’t know when this latest science will be replaced by another, but in the meantime I’ll be the strange-looking American dressed like a football referee in the bush.

travel South Africa

Happy Over-the-Hump Day, Readers! Hope you’ve enjoyed these couple zebra photos we took in Kruger National Park last winter.

Love, Marla


3 thoughts on “Parasitic Fly Problem? Dress Like a Zebra!

  1. After this looooong winter we had, I’d definitely have to make sure I wear my zebra stripes verticle!! Haha. 😉

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