Can You Identify this African Bird?

Kruger National Park map south africa

I have to admit, this one had me stumped. Kurt and I were going through photos of our first trips to Kruger, in late winter/early Spring of 2013, and came across this photo I took of a pretty yellow-and-white bird in a bush. Having spent the last two years cramming birds of Southern Africa into […]

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Lions in The Kruger

travel South Africa lions

Kurt and I have been discussing how we’re currently both in “Kruger withdrawal.” It’s been several months since our last visit, and I’m not quite sure how we’re coping. Some recent lion activity on one of the sightings websites we follow had me thinking about the lions we saw there on our last trip. We […]

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Leopard at Letaba

Jonathan Kariara poem Leopard tree Africa

Came across a young leopard on a recent journey to Mozambique from South Africa. We took the route through Kruger National Park and the Giryondo Border Post. We were just north of Letaba Rest Camp, headed for the border crossing… Beautiful, no? And speaking of beauty, here is a story about a leopard, or maybe […]

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The Rainbow in Kruger

travel Africa rainbow nation

  Happy Friday, friends! Love, Marla

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A Coalition of Cheetah and a Poesy of Parks’

family definition great grand aunt

My husband reminded me that after I posted about the 5 cheetah we saw in The Kruger, I never came back to tell you what a group of male cheetah are called. A “coalition.” A coalition of cheetah. When I first heard the word, I thought our heavily accented guide was saying “a collision of […]

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World Post Day…is On Strike!

travel Africa cheetah

Okay maybe not the whole world, but our area of South Africa is into the 3rd month a renewed postal strike which has apparently been in stages of delivery then protest off and on for…3 years!?!?. The love letters I sent Kurt while I was home in Pennsylvania have been in no-man’s land (or destroyed, […]

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Zebra Crossing

travel Africa zebra

Another day, another back road drive in The Kruger.

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What Kind of Hyena?

Kruger travel Africa hyena

Readers, can you tell me what kind of hyena this is? It was our last day in Kruger National Park. We were taking our time driving around on our way to the exit, talking about what new things we’d seen. We never go to Kruger expecting we’ll see all Big Five every time, but we […]

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The Lion at Our Window

lioness travel Africa

Yesterday marked one year since we arrived in South Africa, and we have not had a single visitor. I do understand the travel distance and flight cost. It’s an epic vacation, for sure, even once-in-a-lifetime. We still ask ourselves how we ended up living here, and having these insane adventures, like this latest Kruger trip […]

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Night Leopard: A Video

travel South Africa wildlife game drive

Kruger was just incredible this time. We saw the Big Five in a single day again, and had more lion and leopard sightings than we could have hoped for. We saw a serval, were pestered nightly by a honey badger (don’t care!) and even saw two of the deadliest snakes in Africa (eek!) Here is […]

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