Making Keema Paratha in the Maldives

When our favorite chef, Anoop, offered to let me make my own Keema Paratha one evening at the resort where we stayed in the Maldives, I took over his rolling pin before he could tell me he was just kidding! The evening was titled Spirit of the Maldives and it was abundant with foods from the many cultures influential in shaping the Maldives.

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Traveling Marla getting tips from Anooop on making keema paratha

I like Indian food, but my exposure had been limited to the more commercially popular Americanized versions of chicken curry, naan bread and mango lassi.

travel Maldives

travel Maldives

It turns out I lurrrrrrrve keema paratha. I asked Anoop why only male goat meat, and he answered quickly, “because we respect the female too much.” He then grinned and chuckled with a couple of his fellow chefs. I could tell that if there were another answer I wasn’t going to be getting it from these fellows, so I resigned myself to just enjoying the cooking, the food and an evening of dancing with some Maldivian entertainers (stay tuned for that video next week).

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Any of my readers out there also eat keema (aka “kheema”) paratha? Love it? Hate it? And what’s up with that whole male goat thing…?

Happy Thursday, friends!

Love, Marla

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  1. Never heard of it before…but after seeing what goes into it, sign me up!!! Sounds fantastic!! I’m guessing maybe the meat is a little stronger in the males, not unlike the subtle difference in taste of venison between buck and doe; but just a guess! 😉

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