Chocolate Dipped Death (by Sarah Bell)

guest bloggingThis last guest post during my vacation week is from a young woman who runs a website titled Endangered Living. I recently came across this while reading various Africa posts while procrastinating packing for our trip.

I was shocked and upset when I read her post, and I think you should read it to.

The lengths that smugglers or poachers will go to reach their goals includes so much human ingenuity in something so horrific, and it really made me consider that in comparison, I do so little in my efforts to counteract through awareness and donation.

Mine is not an activist or conservation blog, but with travel writing comes the responsibility of an awareness of both the beauty and brutality around me.

I will make sure that my own voice and pocket is stretched a little more, and intersperse my anecdotes and photographs with conservation efforts.

Thank you, Sarah Bell, for being such a strong-minded young woman with a loud, clear voice. I’m listening, and I hope each of you follows this link to Endangered Living to read her post, “Chocolate Dipped Death.”

Love, Marla

3 thoughts on “Chocolate Dipped Death (by Sarah Bell)

  1. Thank you for this link! I think we cannot all be activists all the time, but we can shine a light and point the way to others. Sometimes, this is the best thing we can do for the world we live in.

  2. Thanks Marla! But I think you’re mistaken! You do a lot for conservation education! Traveling is such a big part of education, because many times it takes getting someone up and out of their comfort zone to actually see the issues that are faced (in, and out of their home country) to care about them!

  3. Hi Marla,
    I love how dedicated you are and that you are so open to reviewing your own life and actions. I hope I am the same (try to be) so that I keep improving on the way I live in relation to the natural world and others. Thanks for sharing these bloggers (new to me). As a blogger myself, ( I love to find other like minded bloggers. Thanks. Lori Robinson

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