Caracal Kitten vs. Marla Hair: Kitten Wins

After seeing a friend’s photo with caracal kittens (named “Lilo” and “Stitch”) at the Rhino and Lion Reserve, I knew we needed to return to that park.

In one of her lovely photos, she’s holding a sweet-looking caracal kitten, sitting pleasantly in her arms.

Visiting just a few weeks later, we apparently arrived during “Stitch”‘s rebellious teenage years.

It started with a full attack on my hair.

expat life Pretoria wildlife parks petting baby animals

Then, “Stitch” proceeded to go after “Flat Brandon,” a handmade gift from my nephew that we have taken photos of on a few of our adventures.

expat life Pretoria wildlife parks petting baby animals

He then proceeded to obsess over my crotch. I suppose I can take that as some kind of affirmation that I’m still, uh, alluring? (C’mon, let’s say it all together: Ewwwwwwwww!) Thankfully, spaz-cat had a rather docile brother, “Lilo” (I know, Lilo’s a female name. But I didn’t name them!) who was content to let me hold and pet him.

expat life Pretoria wildlife parks petting baby animals

Meanwhile, crazy-head “Stitch” took a break from shredding Kurt’s fingers trying to reach Flat Brandon (which Kurt had saved from a near decapitation) before getting distracted and attacking my shoe laces.

expat life Pretoria wildlife parks petting baby animals

Kurt then took a turn with “Lilo” since his poor mangled hands needed proof that not all caracal kittens are evil.

expat life Pretoria wildlife parks petting baby animals

I’m not sure he was entirely convinced.  Kurt has decided that the words “cuddly” and “cute” do not pertain to anything wild so far in South Africa. “Except you, honey” he says, so how can I complain?

Okay, hopefully that was enough gorging on cuteness (for at least a day or two).

Love, Marla

expat life Pretoria wildlife parks petting baby animals

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6 thoughts on “Caracal Kitten vs. Marla Hair: Kitten Wins

  1. Leave it to me to be the party-pooper. Forcing animals that are not domesticated to interact with humans is cruel. Were these animals kept with their mothers as babies or bottle-fed so they would be more easily held? And what will happen to them when they are too old to be cute, cuddly money-makers for the zoo? If they don’t live out their lives in a cage, they will be killed.

    Humans are all about how wonderful the interaction is for them. Very few think about what the interaction is like for the animal.

  2. Eating my flat face and shredding Kurt’s fingers. Wow, can’t wait to visit. Looks like a really safe time.

  3. I love how, no matter the size of the cat, my reaction is always “OMG KITTEN.” Think I’m doomed to become a crazy cat lady.

    Looks like an amazing trip! Loving the updates.

    — Amanda

  4. That’s really cool! They remind me a lot of a lynx, I wonder if they are related? Poor flat Brandon! I hope for his sake there is no voodoo curse on it or anything…If he has a bad headache today, you guys are in trouble!!

      1. That’s cool. Really nice looking cats! It looks like it has a little longer tail, and little shorter hair, but if you turned one loose over here, this dummy would argue all day that it was a lynx with a strangely longer tail!

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