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This is Not the Elephant’s Child

travel Africa adventure tourism expat life Pretoria
Feeding a large bull elephant at The Elephant Sanctuary at Hartbeespoort Dam

Maybe an uncle. A very large uncle.

travel Africa adventure tourism expat life Pretoria
Tourists feeding a bull elephant.

Thought you would enjoy some photos of our recent adventures here in South Africa. These are from The Elephant Sanctuary in Hartbeespoort Dam, South Africa.

travel Africa adventure tourism expat life Pretoria
A very thirsty bull elephant after his morning feeding!

Driving to the elephant sanctuary, I was naturally thinking of The Elephant’s Child by Kipling. The sanctuary didn’t have any baby elephants while we were there. I’m really hoping to see one soon in the spring. Do you ever think about your favorite works of fiction when you see wildlife? When I saw this big bull elephant we were feeding, I was thinking of the messages left for the park ranger in Kobie Kruger’s book, All Things Wild and Wonderful, like a bull elephant in Kruger causing all kinds of problems ramming cars and getting into farmers’ fields.

I love the way life informs art informs life informs…a blog?  Yeah, I guess we’ll call that art, too.

Happy Over the Hump Day, readers!

Love, Marla

travel Africa adventure tourism expat life Pretoria

4 thoughts on “This is Not the Elephant’s Child

  1. I may have told you this before a hundred times Marla, but I am so envious

  2. I saw on the sign of the sanctuary it said, “ride” the elephants. That is not very sanctuary like for the elephants. The way they train elephants to allow the unnatural act of having strangers on their backs is not a pretty site.

  3. Great pics Marla.
    Elephants are one of my favorite animals, I like hippos too.

  4. Really cool post! Wow, that beastie is impressive on his own, but when you see you guys up next to him, Holy Crap! Is that ever a large animal!

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