Photo Caption Winner, and… Where’s the Butter?

lion laying on back sunning belly penis

First, congratulations to Kriscinda Everitt for submitting the winning caption on Tuesday’s contest!

That was a TOUGH decision. I really loved so many of them. I put a few of them onto the photo and sent to Kurt and we both ended up picking the same one as our favorite.

I think next time, I’m going to create a poll and let all of YOU pick a winner!


In the meantime, let me share with you another odd little difference we came across here. Kurt and I were in one of the area malls last weekend, exploring stores and getting familiar with prices and merchandise, when I smelled movie popcorn.

Let me tell you that sweet little old grandmothers and tots in strollers better get the heck out of my way when I smell good food. I’m like a charging bull elephant, and I’m pretty sure I trumpeted at least once.

Imagine my disappointment when I took a box from the shelf and stood in line to ask for hot butter.

“No butter.” She responded with a somewhat confused look.

“I mean for on the popcorn,” I said. This time I cradled the box of popcorn in my left arm and made aggressive pump-squirting motions with my right arm. “Butter,” I pleaded, desperately. “Butter?” {pump. pump.}

She watched my hand and the spittle starting to appear at the corner of my mouth. She looked at the box. She looked at me, and then I saw the look of recognition come over her face. She turned away for a moment, then turned around, handing me a packet. I looked at the label: butter salt.

popcorn butter alternative sprinkle packets South Africa movie theater popcorn
Let me just, er, “butter” that popcorn for you.

I was still overwhelmed by the smell in the area, and said “but it smells like movie popcorn butter in here.”

“Shake.” She made a shaking motion over the popcorn and smiled at me, as a parent teaching a child.

I reluctantly opened the package and shook a little of the package onto the top.

Kurt and I both took a piece of popcorn and tasted.

Strangely…it tasted and smelled like movie theater popcorn with melted butter (although a bit more salty than I would prefer.)

We also tried the cream cheese and chive favoring, which we also liked. I was wary of trying “fruit chutney” flavor.

popcorn butter alternative sprinkle packets South Africa movie theater popcorn
wtf is this? I mean, okay sure let’s add something alternative to butter, but in place of? I’m not so sure…

It will be different to go to a movie here and not have hot, steamy, artery-clogging butter. Maybe we should also watch an Afrikaans movie to get the full effect.

I had about a cup and a half worth: enough to knock out my craving but not go crazy on what I’m sure was too much sodium for me.

Weird. But delicious.


More wildlife next week. Have a great weekend, folks!

Love, Marla

4 thoughts on “Photo Caption Winner, and… Where’s the Butter?

  1. I wanna know what that movie is with John Cleese that is advertised on the popcorn box??

  2. Seriously?!! What kind of bullshit country are they runnin’ over there?? What’s next? No ketchup for your fries? No creamcheese for your bagel? No peanut butter for your cornflakes?? Really, Marla, how much longer are you gonna put up with this bullshit before you make a stand?!?

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