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Caption This Photo, And Receive My Very First Postcard from South Africa!!

Lion and Rhino Reserve Krugersdorp South Africa

This funny photograph was taken by my husband while we toured the Lion & Rhino Reserve in Krugersdorp.

The best 3 captions (and maybe a couple more if you’re all just brilliant) will receive the very first postcards that I send from South Africa!

Have at it!

Deadline = 20 June 2013, Midnight (U.S. Eastern Time Zone)

Love, Marla

Lion and Rhino Reserve Krugersdorp South Africa
Because “Zebra staring at a waterbuck butt” just isn’t as clever as I know you folks can be!

22 thoughts on “Caption This Photo, And Receive My Very First Postcard from South Africa!!

  1. Zebra thinks===Oh how I have waited for this day!!! The perfect opportunity to kick him in the a**! should I take it….I may never have the chance again….Oh what to do what to do!

  2. STEVE!!! How many times do I have to tell you that I don’t want to play the Fart Game?!?!

  3. Ok, ok, I see the stripe now. It still doesn’t make you a zebra! (Michelle’s entry.)

  4. “Now there’s a butt that SQUATS!”


  5. “Whoa, I’m sure glad I don’t have a bullseye on my butt”

  6. Caroline suggests a caption about yoga, so her entry, with a little help from me is, “She thinks she’s so cool…even Zebras can do downward facing dog!”

  7. Whew. That was a sticky one. Do it again.

  8. “Hey, Ed, pull my hoof.”

  9. Sorry, Bucky, but one of us has to be the bitch, and I don’t think you can reach me.

  10. I don’t care how many tatoos you get – you’re never going to be a Zebra.

  11. No, I don’t think that stripe makes your butt look big – what a silly idea!

  12. I’m not entirely sure that is your best side!

  13. “Hey Z, chapter 4’s got nothin’ like this!!”

  14. “Hey Z, I saw Marla do this once at 65mph…how’s it look from back there?”

    1. You’re not showing enough tang!

  15. “He can still see you, you know! That ONLY works for the ostriches!”


  17. “Oh dahling, I see what you mean, don’t worry anything can be fixed by surgeries nowadays!” (but really im thinking-what an ugly butt!! mine has more character! ) 🙂

  18. Please let this be my entry!!

    1. Hahaha. Okay, Leo!

  19. “Pardon me, but do you have any Grey Poup…oh, excuse me.”

  20. “No, Winifred, the grassland doesn’t make your butt look big – unless you plan to keep foraging at a rate of 10 lbs a day. But go ahead. That means all I gotta’ do is trip YOU when the lions come out. You’ll make a fairly easy target there.”

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