Eddie the Cheetah, Marla the Giraffe, and Another Cuddly Lion Cub

Lion and Rhino Reserve Krugersdorp South Africa

Okay, the giraffe’s name isn’t really “Marla.” But I figured since it didn’t have one, nobody would mind. And really, what animal is more like me than a giraffe? (Don’t answer that.)

Lion and Rhino Reserve Krugersdorp South Africa
Traveling Marla feeding “Marla the giraffe” (Yes I’m sticking to it!)

Lion and Rhino Reserve Krugersdorp South Africa
“Marla the giraffe” is always eating something as well. It’s just that her’s is a bit more healthful…

Still bringing you some photos from our tour of that Lion and Rhino Reserve I told you about. It’s so strange to be able to interact so closely with these animals. This cheetah is an 11-year-old named “Eddie.” He pretty much just laid there. He purred from time to time as we petted him. We couldn’t hear it on the video, though, so just a photo for this one.

Lion and Rhino Reserve Krugersdorp South Africa

And finally, of course, “cuddly” lion cubs.

Lion and Rhino Reserve Krugersdorp South Africa

Please do remember there are great ways to help these animals, as mentioned in my previous posts, “Helping Rhinos (and Cuddling Lion Cubs)”, and “Peeing on Stuff, and Other (Lion) Habits

Love, Marla

16 thoughts on “Eddie the Cheetah, Marla the Giraffe, and Another Cuddly Lion Cub

  1. Oh for neat! I’ll bet it feels almost surreal to be petting a cheetah or playing with a lion cub. So excited to come visit!

    1. Save! Save! Save! Do the plane trip on the cheap so you can spend a little more on entrance fees to these places. I’m putting together a list of the options and how far they are, how much they cost, etc., so you know what to budget and can choose your adventures accordingly. I’m sure you’ll get me somewhere I haven’t been before, either, knowing you…
      Can’t wait to see you!

  2. I love it Marla. But what about kissing the giraffe. Their tongues are 18 inches long and very slimy. I know because I kissed a giraffe.:)

  3. That is so friggin’awesome…you’re NEVER going to be able to enjoy an American “zoo” probably ever again!!

    1. Yeah, you’re right about that. It’s just insane. Of course I think the reason it’s so much “easier” here is that you don’t have the same rights when it comes to litigation. You sign away liability and enter these places at your own risk, and there is no stupidity coverage if you do something wrong while in there. No negligence lawsuit. No “they didn’t tell me not to eat raw meat in front of the lion.” And I’ve been watching the African papers and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of media attention when you hear about an “incident” to a human, so I think it’s (maybe?) a countrywide mentality (which I love) that if you’re willing to take the risk, the consequence is on you.

  4. it is just amazing the way you can get so close to the animals!!!!

    1. It really is. I’ll be putting a tiger photo up sometime next week. Wait until you see how big it is and how close behind me it is when Kurt takes the photo. (We better start taking lots of changes of skivvies on these encounters!)

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