Canned Orange Juice, Anyone? (And a “Cuddly” Lion Cub)

In the growing list of oddities that comprise our experience in South Africa, so far, is a concoction that tastes more like “Tang” than orange juice.

South Africa expat life day trips Pretoria
To be fair, it’s not QUITE as Tang-tasting as I make it sound, and shaking the can vigorously does give a better flavor, but still…

There are places that have fresh squeezed juice, but several where we’ve requested orange juice in the mornings have presented us with this can and a glass.



Er…”enjoy.” 😛

As you might guess, I have been frequenting the places that have the real thing.

South Africa expat life day trips Pretoria
Nutrition labels are quite different here as well, not just in units of measurement, but what is quantified and the analysis method and laboratory.

The Vitamin C content does appear sufficient, however, so if you like the taste of Tang (and c’mon…I know some of you do), then this can’s for you!

South Africa expat life day trips Pretoria
What do you suppose a “Liqui Swoosh Device” is?

Love, Marla

P.S. Because I promised to give you cuddly lions as often as possible, here’s a photo of Kurt with little Growlypants from the Lion & Rhino Reserve

South Africa expat life day trips Pretoria
Kurt and Mister Growlypants


16 thoughts on “Canned Orange Juice, Anyone? (And a “Cuddly” Lion Cub)

  1. Ohhh sweet baby jesus in a blanket!!!
    Send that lion my way, Doggy needs a playmate!
    “Liqui Swoosh Device”, well, I’ve seen people using bottles of coke 2lt for you know…. A can wouldn’t surprise me as a device for you know what.

    1. Hahaha. I think Doggy would quickly get mounted and that would be the end of Doggy’s Style. Eww and haha on the bottles of coke.

  2. I’ll betcha the “liqui swoosh” device is available to purchace so you can make and blend your OWN delicious liqui swoosh flavors!! Think of the many delicious almost taste like something you recognize flavors you could make! Can’t wait till it’s available here in the states!

    1. Hey! Just had an apostrophy! Perhaps one of the first flavors you could create could be “Poacher Penis” … you could make it taste like rhino horn!! 😉

    2. So it turns out (if I understand the verbiage right) that they use “device” like the word “logo” so that they mean the liqui swoosh “logo” like the Nike swoosh. Hmmm – I guess they’re really worried someone might put that very original and eye-catching swoosh on a package of springbok or something.

    1. Yes. I have begun naming all the animals we’re coming across. I won’t tell you the name of the Karoo Cafe dog after what I saw him doing yesterday…

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