Tuesdays in Tshwane: Rhino Orphanage Truck

travel South Africa Pretoria capital

Has another week gone by, already!? Where is 2015 going in such a hurry? Here’s a snap taken shortly after we moved to Tshwane (pka Pretoria). A tractor pulling a couple of rhinoceros statues was very attention-grabbing

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Tuesdays in Tshwane: Collared Barbet

Africa ornithology barbet

Happy Tuesday, readers! Sharing a few snaps of a couple collared barbets. These two might be a mating pair. Does this surprise you? If so, you’re probably familiar with birds, and know that many male birds have more color, or striking variation in color, than females. The generally accepted explanation for this is that males […]

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Squabs and the Strange Poets Who Write About Them

Pretoria Tshwane South Africa map

WTF is a “squab?” Who even knows such a thing, and worse…who writes about it? Do YOU know? A “squab” is: a) Traveling Marla b) a baby bird c) a cushiony place for your butt d) All of the above Did you guess (d) All of the above? Ding ding ding! You’re correct. A “squab” […]

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Canned Orange Juice, Anyone? (And a “Cuddly” Lion Cub)

South Africa expat life day trips Pretoria

In the growing list of oddities that comprise our experience in South Africa, so far, is a concoction that tastes more like “Tang” than orange juice. There are places that have fresh squeezed juice, but several where we’ve requested orange juice in the mornings have presented us with this can and a glass. Shake. Pour. […]

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The Lion Sleeps Tonight…Not

baby giraffe wildlife game reserve tour

Roaring lions have startled me awake several nights in the last week. Staff say they are from the game reserve/breeding area where we visited last weekend. It’s very close to where we’re staying. That reminded me I never finished giving you photos from the weekend, so here they are. We’ve been told this is the […]

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Kudu and Blesbok, Peacocks and…Paintball?

expat life living wildlife viewing

If you had given me a choice at the beginning of yesterday, I would have chosen to play paintball with Kurt and his coworkers. But it was an employees-only bonding experience, so I spent the day driving around with a friend. Although Kurt had fun, I know I ended up with the better experience. Kurt […]

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