The Lion Sleeps Tonight…Not

Roaring lions have startled me awake several nights in the last week. Staff say they are from the game reserve/breeding area where we visited last weekend. It’s very close to where we’re staying. That reminded me I never finished giving you photos from the weekend, so here they are. We’ve been told this is the “least exciting” of the reserves in the area, and since you might remember in my two previous posts (“Crouching Tiger, Peeing Kurt” and “This is Not a Kitty Cat“) that we both nearly soiled our shorts, we’re taking Depends along next weekend.

Here are the rest of the animals we saw on The Farm Inn tour. Can you name them all? (Not all are indigenous to South Africa.) And are you keen enough to name the type as well? (Example if one were a rhino, would it be a white rhino or a black rhino? Hint: one is not a rhino 😉 ).

Love, Marla

Click on any photo below to enlarge and start slideshow:

P.S. And finally a little video of a lion eating meat (with chatty-kathy guide in the background)


2 thoughts on “The Lion Sleeps Tonight…Not

  1. It’s so fun to get to see these updates! If there’s anything more precious than a baby giraffe, I’m not sure I’ve met it yet.

    1. “Scientifically hummingbirds are the world’s cutest animals. I mean they’re so small, they have tiny beaks and they only eat sugar water. I mean what beats that? Come on. Baby monkeys in diapers? Yeah, they do. Baby monkeys in diapers are cutest.”

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