We Fall And We Get Back Up

Hey everyone my name is Colin and welcome to my guest post for Marla. I met Marla via each others’ blogs, mine being a fitness blog. After some time and many exchanges I ended up becoming her online coach for fitness and nutrition. Instead of writing a brand new post I decided to share one I already posted that really seemed to help others who struggle with eating, especially emotional eating. I thought it could possibly help you if you struggle with health and fitness, and even if not it could be something you’d appreciate. Thanks for reading!
We Fall And We Get Back Up

Four days ago my guy Jon over at chasingthetop.com made a post about how he was upset with himself. Before I get into the details of this let me tell you a little something about this guy. Jon brings it, and brings it hard! This guys works his tail off day in and day out and has a diet that’s completely locked in. I mean I really believe I work hard, but in comparison to what he does it almost seems like child’s play. He’s always keeping a positive attitude, working hard, and being supportive of others. He’s just a good dude who is very inspirational.

Well on this day he was bumming from a recent bout of binge eating that had taken place after a series of unfortunate events that left him in a foul mood. After 8 weeks of sticking completely to his strict diet he went way off course. Was this something that was going to derail him? Of course not, with someone who has as good of habits as him he’s going to keep moving forward.

That said, I get it. Those of us who are really hardcore about fitness and bodybuilding are pretty extreme. When you work that hard to be as close to perfect as possible, it’s disheartening to go that far off path even if only for a day or two. We hold ourselves to very high standards and demand the best from ourselves so when you don’t do your best it’s disappointing. After all the sacrifices we make we expect a lot from ourselves.

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So why am I sharing this with you guys? It really goes to show that we are ALL human. I think it’s nice for people who do struggle with this stuff to see that even elite fitness buffs struggle from time to time too. That expecting perfection is unrealistic and everyone out there battles problems with food. You don’t have to be perfect to get results, it’s not an all or nothing game. Just because you have one bad meal or one bad day doesn’t mean it’s all for nothing and there is no point.

guest post blog Traveling Marla South Africa moveIt’s just a mistake that we have the opportunity to learn from. Learning from our mistakes and our failures is what helps us grow as individuals. How you react to your failures is critical. Do you get tough and work on making sure you don’t do it again or do you focus on the negatives and let it destroy you and tear you down? Failing is not falling down, it’s falling down and not getting back up again. If you focus on the negatives it’s time to turn that around. Start focusing on the positives. The fact that you care so much that it gets you down when you do make mistakes is a GOOD thing, it means that you do care. You just have to learn how to deal with them and make improvements.

You won’t go from someone who struggles frequently to perfect, but you can make slow continuous improvements. As long as you are doing better than you used to do you are improving! Slow progress is still progress. Stop demanding so much from yourself. Stop comparing yourself to others. You shouldn’t be trying to do better than anyone else, you should be trying to do better than yourself.

That’s the only person you need to beat, your old self! This is a lifestyle and you have to be in it for the long haul if you want lasting results. So there is no time limit to get to where you want to be, just keep moving forward. When you do get there, keep moving forward! Leave your mistakes in the past and work on the present and the future. You can never undo what’s done but you sure as hell can do something about the future. That’s all any of us can do.

As for Jon he of course got back on track and is once again killing it and doing incredible things. Most recently performing the human flag, nuts!!!! If you aren’t following his blog yet I highly recommend you do so. Unless you don’t like good vibes and killer workout ideas, then don’t bother…


guest post blog Traveling Marla South Africa move
The author running a 7K in his hometown of St. Paul, Minnesota.
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About Colin, of Uber Beast Mode

What can I say about myself? First my name is Colin DeWaay. I’ve been married to my wonderful wife since 2004 and have a fantastic relationship with her. I have a passion for health and fitness that started in 2008 shortly after my son was born. I was never really overweight by any means, in fact I was very skinny as a kid and into my mid twenties. I lifted on and off but never took nutrition seriously nor did I understand just how important it was for gaining muscle. In 2008 I had gotten pretty unhealthy. It may not have shown much but I was starting to gain weight, and not in the way I wanted to for so many years. I had many health problems that year and was not able to do many of the things nearly as easily as I always could before. I got sick of it and decided to do something about it. I started reading up about how to really get fit and the importance of nutrition. Now days I’m feeling and looking better than ever and can’t wait to get back to the gym everyday.

At 33 years of age now I still play in baseball and basketball leagues and thanks to my lifestyle changes I am playing at higher levels than I ever did before even in my mid twenties. It not only helps in sports and fitness areas but in all aspects of life. The confidence and happiness that comes with it is worth it’s weight in gold.

Now that I’m where I am, I find myself often helping others. People who don’t have the knowledge and don’t know what to do. I find myself wanting to help others more and more all the time and wondering how I can reach people and help them understand how important healthy living is and how great it feels. I want people to know they can do it and they need to stop selling themselves short all the time. That it’s never too late, and that they can make real positive changes. Will this passion of mine eventually blossom into something bigger in life? I guess only time will tell, but I’m starting to hope so more and more all the time.


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4 thoughts on “We Fall And We Get Back Up

  1. Great post, Colin! I wholeheartedly agree. It’s how you react to the inevitable slips that define you. I’d like to share my favorite quote on this topic because it really suits this ever-evolving lifestyle – Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. – Winston Churchill

  2. Good post. I’m always impressed by people who can stay so focused on something for the long term, I think it takes a mental strength that I have never had! 🙁

    1. Thanks! I think it usually comes down to just how bad someone wants something. We succeed at the things that are important to us and we work hard on right? Each person has a different idea on what’s truly important to them. Not that if you have a hard time staying up with fitness and nutrition it means you don’t care, but you just may have more of a focus elsewhere. Don’t sell yourself short, it can be in there if you find your true motivation!

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