10 Ways to Survive Marla Unplugged

Amanda and I first met Marla in grad school. All three of us also traveled to England together, which was a riot. We have become great friends with Marla, which was easy of course because she’s so damned lovable. She makes everything better with her listening ear, her hilarious sense of humor, and her deep loyalty. She will be deeply missed while she is unplugged, but even more so when she moves to South Africa. Our only consolation is that we know she will keep in touch via email and through her blog. We cannot wait to hear about her great adventures and to meet her new friends.

We know that we are not going to be the only ones who will miss Marla while she is unplugged and so we have created a list to help you while she is away:

10 Ways to Survive Marla Unplugged.

1. Go for a walk. Did you know there is an outside to your house? A place where you can visit outside of your house and office walls. Marla doesn’t have to be the only traveler around here.

2. Become a traveler. Go on your own adventures. Start small. Go to the 7-11. Buy a Slurpee. Write about it. Realize it’s not as good as Marla’s blog. Cry about it.

3. Read old Traveling Marla blog posts until you have them memorized.

4. Recite previous blog posts at your local coffee shop’s Open Mic. Get free coffee for your efforts.

5. Post your “readings” on YouTube. Face Marla’s wrath when she plugs back in.

6. Remember it is okay to cry that she unplugged. Cry. Cry. Cry it out. Cry.

7. Follow Marla’s example and do something out of your comfort zone. Flash a cop by mistake. Make a plan to remain in your comfort zone for the rest of your life.

8. Show up unexpectedly to Marla’s house and beg her to come back. When she declines, organize a letter writing campaign. By the time it’s organized Marla will be back. Problem solved.

9. Create a travel itinerary based off of Marla’s past blog posts. Bill her for the expense. Face the wrath of Marla when she returns.

10. Read Survival is Relative at survivalisrelative.wordpress.com. It’s a fabulous new blog that is flying under the radar. Ha ha. Winky face. Teasing. But seriously, you should check out our blog.

We hope that our helpful little list will make Marla’s absence bearable. We know that we will miss her like crazy while she is unplugged, but we have our own ways to deal with that, which may or may not include alcohol…and tears. Many, many tears.

We love you Marla and will miss you terribly.


Leslie and Amanda

Leslie Conder
Leslie Conder

Leslie has an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Chatham University, where she specialized in pedagogy and emotionally unavailable men. She is originally from Utah, and no, she does not have more than one mom. By day she works as a Career Counselor, and, by night, she performs drunk-like improv in her living room. But only on weekends. Because she’s a lady.

Amanda Hart
Amanda Hart

Amanda also received her MFA in Fiction from Chatham University. Raised in Pittsburgh, Amanda specializes in two things: short stories and snark. She blames Pittsburgh. During daylight hours, Amanda works at a holistic non-profit in the South End of Boston and wishes she were asleep. The rest of the time she spends trying to convince others she’s as funny as she thinks she is.

Questions? Raves? (Or more likely) Rants? Email these wonderful bloggers at leslie.amanda.blog@gmail.com, or do like Marla does and go obsess over their blog for awhile: Survival is Relative


Traveling Marla is unplugged for three weeks while she prepares for her move to South Africa. She put out a call for guest posts (see original request here), and is grateful to receive so much support! Please see the full list below.

Please support these writers by reading each of their guest posts and checking out their own blogs!

Thanks, as always for taking time to read my blog and comment. Although I’m offline right now, I will return in a few short weeks when we’re settled in South Africa and I promise to read all of your comments!

Love, Marla

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8 thoughts on “10 Ways to Survive Marla Unplugged

  1. Finally starting to work my way through the guest posts and comments. Oh I missed everyone so much – both online and offline! This was freaking hilarious, and the comments added to it!
    You two are brilliant, as usual. I knew this was the post to kick-off the guest posting event!!

  2. ohhh 7-11, never thought I would say it, but I miss it.
    I’m planning to bill Marla for the trip I’ll organize based on her suggestions, then I’ll blame it on you so you face her wrath.
    Gret post

  3. Go to the 7-11. Haha. Wonderful, girls! And I love the mini-bios!

  4. This is my favorite: “Create a travel itinerary based off of Marla’s past blog posts. Bill her for the expense. Face the wrath of Marla when she returns.” haha nice post, girls 🙂

  5. I was cracking up after I read start small go to 7-11 and buy a slurpee and maybe flash a cop. I hope you can bounce back after your friend Marla has been unplugged. I don’t even know her but I miss her now too.

  6. AWESOME post girls!!! I’ve always said Marla knows how to pick her friends! LMFAO!! What a great idea for the post! Great bios too! For sure b checkin out your blog!!

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