10 Ways to Survive Marla Unplugged

Amanda and I first met Marla in grad school. All three of us also traveled to England together, which was a riot. We have become great friends with Marla, which was easy of course because she’s so damned lovable. She makes everything better with her listening ear, her hilarious sense of humor, and her deep … More 10 Ways to Survive Marla Unplugged

Points of gratitude today. Regatta post tomorrow.

Grateful… For my husband. There is nothing that equals a marriage except one that contains the best friendship you could ever imagine. For a mentor and friend, who reminded me this morning that “Life is a privilege. It’s not why. It’s how.” For the Madison Indiana Observer, who gave me a lovely shout-out yesterday…

Remembering Dottie Grossman (1937-2012)

My friend Dottie died. It happened the day I was mailing her a postcard from Viet Nam. I didn’t find out about her death until a couple days ago, when an email bounced back. I immediately sent another, thinking maybe a spam filter didn’t like my links. It also returned “Undeliverable.” I hoped maybe she … More Remembering Dottie Grossman (1937-2012)