“Letter of Support for my wife” [sic] (Hmmm…Can I “[sic]” a title?)

I was quite surprised to come across this item in our visa application package. Kurt has to sign and return a letter which includes the following statement:

“I, Kurt Druzgal, legally married to Marla Jane Druzgal, confirm my support for my wife’s Visitor’s permit application and hereby undertake to support my wife financially, emotionally and otherwise for the duration of our stay…”


traveling together as a couple
One of our many, MANY visits to our favorite national park, Bryce Canyon.

In one paragraph I feel both demeaned and uplifted.

As a woman who has worked for most of our married life and was the breadwinner for many years, it’s frustrating to imagine that version of me letting go of my ability to work during our time in SA.

But…I am no longer that version of me. I have the opportunity to embrace these years to write my heart out, enjoy having Kurt home every evening again (instead of our current two-day visits when he returns from Ohio), and explore a country so rich in culture, history, and nature!

Actually, no letter could change the fact that we already support each other, but there might be some fun in having a document he has to sign, promising to “support my wife financially, emotionally and otherwise.”

I might just have some interesting ideas for “otherwise”…

Love, Marla

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