Nutrition for Travel


Do you take specific healthy or indulgent items when you travel?

You know your mindset toward fitness nutrition has changed when the first thing you pack for a trip is a softsided cooler with plenty of protein and electrolytes since you know the train and hotel store will just have junk. My “staples?”: coconut water for healthy electrolytes; ground almonds; protein powder and jerky for, well, protein; and my favorite jasmine green tea as my luxury snack. (Oh, okay, fine, there is also a dark chocolate marzipan bar I hid from the photo which will be my Wednesday treat. Sheesh. I can’t even stand up to a self-induced guilt trip!) But seriously, Who IS this weird weight training girl I’ve become? Do any of you take specific food items on a trip? Love, Marla

9 Comments on “Nutrition for Travel

  1. My treat is buying myself steak dinners while I’m away at nice restaurants!

    Sounds weird, I know, but at home we always have lamb, being sheep farmers an’ all, so steak is a rare treat and I like to head out for a nosh up when I’m away.

    Apart from that, I stash my creatine and my whey powder with me, plus my green tea bags and my 85% dark chocolate. Oh, and my hip flask full of Glenfiddich 😉

  2. I like trail mix type things and veggie snacks (carrots, celery, whatnot). Sunflower seeds. My garbage snack when traveling: Little Debbie Nutty Bars. But I only ever eat them when there’s serious traveling to do, so I don’t get them too, too often. =)

  3. My treat is not bringing something and eating the “junk” on the road from time to time. But I usually bring food – peanut butter sandwiches, crackers, jerky, my reusable water bottle, and bananas. Used to bring granola, but oats and nuts are presently forbidden, maybe someday! (That dark chocolate marzipan bar sounds amazing!)

  4. Wow, Marla! That is healthy and so grown-up of you. I like jerky, but whenever I go anywhere, I take vodka, gummy bears, and a shotgun. Makes dealing with the public SO much easier.

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