Chautauqua Swag: More Madison Favorites. Win an Endless Scarf!

Traveling Marla endless scarf Norma Bennett
Happened to capture a photo of me wearing Norma Bennett’s endless scarf when I was posing with some birthday gifts recently.

Chautauqua seems so far in the past now, but we’re still enjoying all the great items we picked up from some of our favorite vendors. I’m in the process of ordering endless scarves (I told you about them and Granny’s Knits and Gifts in a previous post) for holiday gifts and thought since I’m in the spirit of things, I’m going to share with my readers as well!

Win this same pale green color of endless scarf!!

Guidelines: The contest is simple. You can either write me a story or send me a photo. I’ve plucked 7 words (“Traveling Marla” counts as one word) from recent posts: : scarf, Traveling Marla, storm, frontier, apple, coil, Ewok

Story = Include the words, in any order, in a flash story or poem of 50 words or fewer (any word may be made plural).

Bonus points if you use any noun as a verb! Bonus points if you don’t use Ewok to describe Traveling Marla.

Photo(Shop) or Drawing = Submit a photo (or doctored photo) or drawing representing as many of the words as possible.

SUBMIT via Facebook message (through my WRITER page only!) or by sending to marla at marlasinkdruzgal dot com.

Do NOT submit your entry via comment. I would like them to be fresh and new and surprising for readers in a future post (No worries, I can keep you anonymous if you ask!)

DEADLINE: Friday, November 16th, MIDNIGHT.
In the meantime, enjoy these photos of some of our favorite Chautauqua vendors!

Love, Marla

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  1. Do “a” “an” and “the” count as words? Aardvark Dad says “yes”. My claws are crossed that the answer is “no”. 🙂

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