Chautauqua Swag: More Madison Favorites. Win an Endless Scarf!

Traveling Marla endless scarf Norma Bennett

Chautauqua seems so far in the past now, but we’re still enjoying all the great items we picked up from some of our favorite vendors. I’m in the process of ordering endless scarves (I told you about them and Granny’s Knits and Gifts in a previous post) for holiday gifts and thought since I’m in […]

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The Butterfly at Chautauqua. Are Monarchs Going Extinct?

Monarch butterfly bush Madison Indiana

I didn’t see my first Monarch this year until September 28th, at the Chautauqua Festival in Madison, Indiana. On our trips home this summer from Kurt’s work I had been watching the caterpillars. (I call them Pittsburgh-pillars, because of their black and yellow coloring.) I didn’t follow-up to see how many cocoons I could find […]

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Sasquatch Eats a Hoosier Banana? A Pawpaw! C’mon, Readers, A Pawpaw!

eating a hoosier banana Traveling Marla

Okay, so I suppose I can embrace this “Sasquatch” thing for the rest of October, anyway. If it reminds readers that I’m hairy for charity, and since Kurt is finding it hilarious, whatever. Besides, you can’t be Sasquatch AND high maintenance, so it gives me a reprieve from working on that…at least until November. But […]

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Old Court Days, Granny’s Knits and Gifts, and 605 Grille

Granny's Knits and Gifts Old Courthouse Days Norma Bennett

I arrived in Madison on Thursday, Sept. 27th. I was meeting the wonderful guys of InMadisonIN and Madison Indiana Observer, at Sakka Blue, and had plans for an afternoon of biking, hiking and taking an acquaintance to dinner. Lunch was great, but my afternoon buddy bailed, so I found myself with a day alone, wishing […]

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Coshocton, Ohio: Here’s to 9 Months of Discovery

Coshocton Ohio brochures

Grappling onto a fleeting wifi connection here in our new temporary home of Coshocton, Ohio. We will live here for the next 9 months while a friend lives in and cares for our home and cat in Lover, PA. I have to admit I was pretty wary of the town at first. Coming from his […]

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Weekend Window: Flashback Photo Blog of Madison’s Walnut St. Fire Co. No. 4

Missing Madison again today. Thought I would share some photos of visiting the firehouse of Walnut Street Fire Company No. 4 in Madison, Indiana. Jack Bird took us there during a nice tour of the surrounding towns and parts of Madison. I think even if Kurt weren’t a Safety Manager (a job for which he […]

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