Sitting Dogs and UnPlugging

Traveling Marla dogsits Cesar's Way Dog Whisperer style
I’m a firm believer in working with dogs the way Cesar Milan does… at least for training. I’m also a firm believer in the four-dog night and can’t wait for my first cold night and a literal puppy pile! <3

I’m dog-sitting for the next ten days. The house is on thirteen acres of rural western Pennsylvania, without internet, only enough signal for a text message and a landline analog phone still clinging to one of the necessities of living where electricity may be out for days.

My cell phone burns the battery overnight as it desperately searches for a 3G signal (no luck) and I’m all too happy to turn it off most of the time.

Except for my trips to “town” to update my blog, I’m unplugged.

I don’t know what these next 10 days will bring. I hope a lot of productivity and I hope a lot of time to think and sort through the stress in my life (yes, I actually do spare you from the details of some parts of my life 😉 ).

It never ceases to amuse me, though, the game of houses we play, as Kurt stays at our rental in Coshocton where he’s working, house-sitters enjoy our permanent home, and I tend another, while its owners take a break at yet another in Florida. And we’re all happy, living in someone else’s place for a little while, getting out of the festering routines of our own.

Traveling Marla dogsitting rural western Pennsylvania
Dogs never look quite as handsome as they do when they’re about to get a treat.

So I’ll write, I’ll work to meet a few deadlines and I’ll enjoy the company of the three dogs I’m sitting (and Baxter makes four) along with a cat named Reba McEntire.

Love, Marla

5 thoughts on “Sitting Dogs and UnPlugging

  1. Have a restful time…with your wonderful four-legged friends. They seem to know how to handle the stresses of life much better than we do!! Looking forward to your blog updates!!

    1. Well, I was going to leave you anonermuss to protect your famous ident’y but I guess now everybody will be flocking to visit (hahaha). Have a great trip. Love you!

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