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Win a Jar of Apple Butter: Stick Your Head in Something!

Roscoe Village Coshocton Ohio Apple Butter Festival

Roscoe Village Coshocton Ohio Apple Butter Festival
Traveling Marla will stick her head in [just about] anything! Will you?
Win a jar of apple butter that Marla helped stir! Read the post to find out how!
I will stick my head in anything.

Okay, maybe that’s a little bit of a yarn, but I really do love those plywood cutouts with a silly scene just begging passersby to insert their noggins. So as you can imagine I was ecstatic to pose, Marla Appleseed style. Kurt was, well, a little less than thrilled, but always a good sport. An even better sport was the poor fella with his arm in a cast who I asked to take the photo.

We often go to our permanent house in Pennsylvania on weekends, which works well given our house-sitters there like to go traveling, visiting and flea-marketing on weekends.

But I asked Kurt if we could stay in Coshocton for the Apple Butter Stirrin’ Festival/Fall Foliage Tour Weekend. I’m so glad we did and I think you’ll be glad when you see all the fun photos in upcoming blogs. Here’s a short clip of one of the bands for you to enjoy before we get to the contest info and gallery photos…

So about that contest?  Want to win a jar of Apple Butter I picked up just for one lucky reader from the lovely ladies of Westbrook’s Cannery? (And yes, this is the exact batch I even participated in stirring!!)

Apple Butter Stirrin' Festival 2012 Roscoe Village Coshocton OH
My arms ain’t got nothin’ on that sweet girl standing behind me. She stirs this pot for up to six hours before those apples are turned into sauce. It was fun to try though. I realized I would not survive the century in which this would have been daily life. I would have either been a “saloon girl” or an outlaw. This kind of domestic wifery woulda’ killed me.

CONTEST RULES: Stick your head in something and send me your photo! Don’t endanger yourself, but be creative. Make a cardboard cutout, go between someone’s legs (clothed!), put your head out a goofy window, peek through a fence or, oh I’m sure you can think of something much more entertaining to stick your head into.  Submit your photo by MIDNIGHT next Thursday, November 1st. You can either email them to me (marla at marlasinkdruzgal dot com) or you can send them via Facebook message on my official writer page. I will post photos on Friday’s blog (Nov 2nd) and put up a poll. Most votes by midnight of the following Sunday wins the quart of apple butter!!

EVERYONE who enters gets a special Traveling Marla postcard!

*Please note: I can’t afford international shipping. International participants can enter, but you will only win a postcard from me (and my undying love).

Good luck and I can’t wait to see how creative you are!

Love, Sasquatch

P.S. Are YOU in one of the photos in the gallery below? Please let me know and I would love to update the photo with your name or the name of your business. Or just say hello and let me know how you enjoyed the festival!

11 thoughts on “Win a Jar of Apple Butter: Stick Your Head in Something!

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  5. I’ll send my entry for the contest soon, this gonna be fun.

  6. Reblogged this on Traveling MarLa and commented:

    Help Charity AND win a jar of Apple Butter! Time to sweeten the pot…
    I already gave to the Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief, but I’ll give again!
    For every entry I get (MAX=15 because I’m still not rich except in your love <3) I'll donate $10 to the Red Cross HS Disaster Relief.
    What are you waiting for? Go stick your head in something already and send me a pic!!!

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  8. marla you’re all fun 🙂

    1. Thanks, buddy! I hope you enter the contest!

  9. Spent one fall day years ago making apple butter with my grandparents and aunt’s family. Remember being both fascinated and grossed out at the fact that washed (but discolored) pennies went into the bottom of the pot, but nice shiny pennies came out at the end of the day. Years later I thought to myself “Pappy Rhea was not the most careful of apple sorters – I wonder how many worms and/or rotten apples made it into the apple butter?” Given all that I’d love to have the opportunity to do it again….

    1. I used to think the same thing about worms. I never made apple butter, but I remember going to the orchards in the fall to pick apples and having to dig out the worms before we could make pie or applesauce. I was sooooo young. Those were the best tasting apples though.

      I know you must have a photo that would work for this contest!

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