Eating Less, Hating my Trainer Less, and Creating a New Omelette Recipe

cold-walking the treadmill
After incline walking on the treadmill at setttings Gary gets to choose :-/ he had me do a walk with the machine off – where you manually move the walk belt by pushing your legs (if you watched yesterday’s video, you can already hear him saying “Faster! Faster! Faster!”

Was crazy-hungry after leaving the gym again today. Stopped taking my wallet so I have to come back and have something healthful. About the only thing positive about eating dinner alone is that you have full reign on what you make. In my case, I often choose breakfast for dinner: specifically, an omelette.

Ended up making a 2-egg omelette (instead of the usual 3…or 4) using ingredients in the house I’m sitting. Also ended up writing more about willpower and about various ways of torturing my trainer.

ball sit-ups
Gary makes me do crunches in a variety of ways. I didn’t really like these. I think I don’t do the posture quite right because they really get my back kinked. So far the hardest abdominals have been that awful blasted ab machine we did last week. Thankfully we haven’t done that one since.

I don’t really hate my trainer, of course. But Gary does work me like a rented mule. Weird thing is, I’m kinda’ starting to like it. Then again, given my personality, that might not be so surprising.

I’m calling this Omelette de la Rented Mule:

2 eggs
1 tbsp capers
5 kalamata olives, sliced
Raw sharp cheddar cheese – Hmmm – how would I measure those knife slices of cheese off the top of a chunk? I’d guess about 1/4 cup of cheese – just enough for a really thin layer across half the omelette.
Cinnamon – about 1 tsp – enough that you can really taste it – add more if you like 😉
cracked black pepper
sea salt
I mix everything together in a bowl and then pour it into a pan already preheated with a tiny bit of olive oil.
Omelette de la Rented Mule
Omelette de la Rented Mule

Hope you like it! If I were going to shop for this omelette instead of using found items from the house, I would change the cheese. I would totally pick a goat cheese chevre (plain, no herbs). You know what I mean? That mushy, ooey gooey kind you usually spread on a cracker. Omnomnomnom.

Love, Marla

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