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The Worst Trainer in America, and “A Menstruating Bear?”: Training Alone, Part 2

Personal trainer fitness fat rant
Personal trainer fitness fat rant
Ignore the ads. This is what working out really looks like…on me.

Damn OCD…*

I’m going to tell you about yesterday, and I’m going to tell you about the worst trainer in America.

I am also going to be a little less sugar, a little more spice today (disclaimer 😉 ).

As I told you in yesterday’s post, my trainer was sick. So, for the first time by myself, I weight-trained. It was “legs” day, which thankfully involves a lot of machines. The machines are daunting, but I feel I can at least “figure them out.”

What could go wrong…?


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Teach a Marla to Fish…And She Will Throw Dynamite in the Pond: Training Alone Part 1

Fitness female personal trainer weight lifting
Fitness female personal trainer weight lifting
Apparently my personal determination look comes with a side of middle finger. I’m working on that…

Damn OCD.

I am training by myself today, because my trainer is sick. I’m not talking cardio, but weights, the stuff I still struggle to learn and feel comfortable doing.

I’m fearful but determined. Wish me luck and I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.

Love, Marla

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Traveling Marla: “Frontier Wife?”

seated lat rows exercise weight training gym personal trainer
Kurt: happy to have found a turkey feather; happy to have me working in the woods with him.

Last night at a dinner with my husband, his co-worker and his boss, the conversation turned to a discussion about wives. As the only female at the table it was, to say the least, awkward. But readers, you know my personality. I gave courtesy laughs, waiting for an opportunity to change the subject, or to gain some insight into that alien mind: the male.

But then something worse (and maybe better) happened. Instead of some general discussion on male/female, husband/wife, it became about one wife: me.
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Is Marla Sasquatch?

Traveling Marla back exercises
Marla attempting squats
Okay, so granted, Trainer Lurch put the idea in my head of sitting on a toilet when teaching me how to squat, but did I have to take the constipation look so seriously?

My new trainer sucks. Okay, maybe not completely, or not much, or at all, really. But it feels good to say it, like somehow I’m getting to take back a little dignity after my clumsy attempts at weight training at my new gym here in Coshocton.

I had already prepared him that I would be blogging about my work-outs from time to time and that includes photos and a myriad of random, often strange thoughts. I figured he would give them a once-over and see that I wasn’t showing my trainer in a bad light, and understand that the only person I really take to task in my blogs is me.

I didn’t think he would read them, I mean actually read them. (I mean, c’mon, he’s a trainer, right? Isn’t he supposed to be an illiterate muscle-head?) Continue reading Is Marla Sasquatch?

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Eating Less, Hating my Trainer Less, and Creating a New Omelette Recipe

fitness trainer eating habits
cold-walking the treadmill
After incline walking on the treadmill at setttings Gary gets to choose :-/ he had me do a walk with the machine off – where you manually move the walk belt by pushing your legs (if you watched yesterday’s video, you can already hear him saying “Faster! Faster! Faster!”

Was crazy-hungry after leaving the gym again today. Stopped taking my wallet so I have to come back and have something healthful. About the only thing positive about eating dinner alone is that you have full reign on what you make. In my case, I often choose breakfast for dinner: specifically, an omelette. Continue reading Eating Less, Hating my Trainer Less, and Creating a New Omelette Recipe