Weekend Window: Bed Racing in Madison, Indiana

I was asked why I don’t blog on weekends. It’s because I need a break. I need to see some things, do some things, think about some things for material next week and most importantly, spend time with Kurt. But I thought of a compromise. Instead of my usual daily essay drafts, I can give you a few snapshots.

We’ll start with a little more Regatta-week action. Madison’s annual Bed Race. This took place on Tuesday, July 3rd in front of the Jefferson County Courthouse.

Crowds are ready and waiting for the start of the Bed Race

So many great contenders. Such hard work in broiling heat.

My two favorite teams. Based solely on their coolness at dressing crazy. I think their names were Rivertown Chiropractors and Madison CrossFit #1 (or was it #2?)

How can you not cheer on people dressed like this?

  • or dudes dressed like this?
    In the end, it was the 2 Crossfit teams (surprise, ha) who made it to the end, so they made their first half a victory walk, enjoying the cheers and the smart advertising for their gym. Heck, if I were a permanent resident, this display would’ve made me join. Maybe…

Okay, now I gotta’ go Regatta. I can hear the Vintage Hydroplanes racing in the river a couple blocks away. Time to go…