Marla dreams of stealing a hydroplane. Madison Regatta, Part 3 of 3.

Spoiler alert: The Spirit of Qatar wins. I’m not a reporter. I’m a writer who allows herself to focus on a few small things and tell you my observations, my interactions, my thoughts. So it was with the 2012 Lucas Oil Madison Regatta. Except for a few lucky gentleman’s bets on my favorite, Miss Madison, […]

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Crowded thoughts, safety shots, hydroplanes and fireworks. Regatta Part 2 of 3.

There used to be a regatta in Pittsburgh, PA, the region where Kurt and I grew up. We never went. Crowd avoidance is high on both our lists. This is Madison, I thought to myself, historic, quaint, river town Madison. How big could the crowds be?

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Boat Love, Miss Madison, and Friendly People on parade. Madison Regatta Part 1

To VIP or not to VIP. That was our first question when it came to the Madison Regatta. The tickets were much more than we had budgeted for the event, but we heard the heat might set records, and the appeal of air-conditioned bathrooms and a fanned tent was just too much to pass up. […]

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Weekend Window: Bed Racing in Madison, Indiana

I was asked why I don’t blog on weekends. It’s because I need a break. I need to see some things, do some things, think about some things for material next week and most importantly, spend time with Kurt. But I thought of a compromise. Instead of my usual daily essay drafts, I can give […]

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Watching the movie Madison…in Madison. It’s the RHPS of the midwest

It’s been madness in Madison this week as residents and tourists have been preparing for the Regatta. Kurt and I have tried to keep up with all the activities, but there are many and we are two. We did manage to attend the hype-building movie, Madison, starring Jim Caviezel, and the little kid who played […]

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