What the Heck is a Wattle!?

In high school, we read a poem titled “The Lake Isle of Innisfree,” by William Butler Yeats. I’ll admit, I read this poem as part of required reading, and probably skimmed over anything I didn’t know. If I ever knew what a “wattle” was, I certainly didn’t remember for today’s post. If you had asked … More What the Heck is a Wattle!?

NaNoFlatMo? What Month is it, Anyway?

Good grief! I saw a recent WordPress announcement that November is National Blog Posting Month. NaBloPoMo. Seriously? I guess that’s a thing now. In fact, it seems anything is a *thing* and every month is something-or-other-month. So I’m adding my own. In honor of the winners (yes, two people tied for first place!) of the … More NaNoFlatMo? What Month is it, Anyway?

Sugar Cane and… “Sugar Cane”

When I was choosing a photograph to give you today, I decided to focus on what we saw on our recent road trip: Sugar cane. We were passing the fields of Selati Sugar, near the Malelane entrance to Kruger National Park. Depending on which field you passed, the cane was in several stages of growth. … More Sugar Cane and… “Sugar Cane”

How Lucky I Am to Know a Poet Like You

I have been trying to slow life down lately, and one of the things I’ve done is to be more choosy with my online time, to read more, and take in the daily life around me. I’m so glad I’ve been making these changes, because I’m getting more time to read the wonderful posts by … More How Lucky I Am to Know a Poet Like You

There Was a Little Girl…

Do you have a nursery rhyme or poem, or saying from childhood that still stays with you? In my case, I internalized a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: There was a little girl By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow There was a little girl,             Who had a little curl, Right in the middle of her forehead.             When … More There Was a Little Girl…

Elephant vs. Tree: Trunk to Trunk

Happy World Elephant Day! Did you know there was a World Elephant Day? I only recently learned about this day, marked to “bring attention to the urgent plight of Asian and African elephants.” In honor of the day, I wanted to share some photos taken during a recent trip to Pilanesberg of a bull elephant … More Elephant vs. Tree: Trunk to Trunk