Again poetry Lynn Knight

Manuscript Monday again, and today I’m reading some poetry for inspiration. Just saw a new one by one of my favorites, Lynne Knight, so I’m sharing that with you here:


This is the kind of poetry that moves me. She is accessible, but with such imagery and language that penetrates me, engages me, sparks my own creativity with each reading and re-reading.

Again poetry Lynn KnightIn 2010 I first learned of her from the poem, “To the Young Man Who Cried Out ‘What Were You Thinking’ When I backed into His Car.”

It was so well crafted and prompted me to contact the poet simply to express my appreciation of her writing.
And as I’m appreciating her again for this new poem, I wanted to share her with you, and share a bit of what inspires me and kicks my own creativity into gear.
I could use some more moving poetry today. Could you share a favorite of yours?
Love, Marla

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