Black Mamba

Well, friends. Honestly I don’t know why I ever type my posts directly into WordPress, because I’ve lost so many really interesting posts that way, due to whatever latest hiccup in either the internet, or, I believe, WP.  Today’s black mamba post was one of my favorites. So it’s only fitting that it, too was eaten by the WP gremlins.

black mamba Africa travel
[These guys threw things at the already injured snake. Not cool. Longest venomous snake in Africa]
I don’t even understand how it occurs, since I save my drafts as I go along. Today I had a beautiful black mamba post written for you. It took me a couple hours and included great information about not only our encounter, but facts about the snake.

Africa travel black mamba
[mid-section had been run over before we arrived]
All the captions on my photos are gone. All the tags I created are gone. The lovely turns of phrase and what I thought was engaging snake talk…gone.

travel black mamba Africa
[The mamba struck at every passing car but was especially upset with its tormentors.]
I’m too exhausted to create it all again. Suffice it to say from now on I will be creating my post in Word or another offline software program and then copying and pasting into WordPress as I guess I should have been doing all along.

travel Africa black mamba
[Finally making its way across the road after flailing and flopping its injured midsection for a bit.]

Here is a black mamba.
We saw it on a recent trip.
It was scary.
Snake facts. Snake facts. Snake facts.
People teased it.
That was mean.
I hope it lived.
I hate WordPress today.

black mamba Africa travel
[I hope it lives]
Happy Wednesday, readers.

Love, Marla

black mamba Africa travel
[Shining silvery in the sun the black mamba is not actually black but either olive, brownish or gray. It is “black” because of its inky black mouth. We did not see the inside of its mouth, fortunately.]

6 thoughts on “Black Mamba

  1. Sometimes I really hate people, they are so stinking mean. Sorry about your post. The pictures were very cool, even without your witty captions.

  2. Not a snake fan, unless horror/fascination for applies…but I wouldn’t like the meanness either – definitely not cool. Sorry about the WP disappearance. I’ve heard tell of two WP posters who’ve since moved on to another blogging system. Related? Don’t know. Been thinking about it myself (but haven’t been posting much lately to warrant it). Hope you find your groove again soon!

  3. That’s so disappointing! I hope there’s a way that you can complain to the powers that be at WordPress. Published work being lost on a website that was created specifically for published work is absolutely inexcusable.

  4. Being severely under-caffeinated this morning, “Snake facts. Snake facts. Snake facts” is probably all I would have absorbed anyway. Sorry about the post, though–the writer’s worst nightmare. This one was still great! I’m going to assume the snake slithered off and recovered well and will live a long and happy life far away from any people.

  5. Awww that sucks!! I do like the posts with all the factoids!! Still, pretty cool to learn it gets it’s color name from the inside of the mouth! (I guess you really wouldn’t want him to “prove” he’s a black mamba!!) Haha

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