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Soggy Lion Photo Contest: Win a Lion (Bookmark)

travel South Africa lions

Another fun photo contest, readers.

I thought this was a rather funny photo of a young lion playing in the water on our recent bush walk at Ukutula.

Caption this photo and win a lion bookmark I picked up while in The Kruger:

travel South Africa lions

Deadline = Friday 04 April 2014 at midnight.
Winner will be announced Monday.
Good luck!

Love, Marla


7 thoughts on “Soggy Lion Photo Contest: Win a Lion (Bookmark)

  1. […] Congratulations to Michelle for her winning caption of last week’s Soggy Lion Photo Caption Contest: […]

  2. “Ooo…what just touched my foot? Something just touched my foot!!!”

  3. Mommm, my face is clean, can I please get out now?

  4. If only I could get the hang of the kitty paddle.

  5. “Heavens to Murgatroyd!”

  6. “Hey, look, I’m Aphrodite! Someone grab me a scallop shell.”

  7. “Easy Carl, I know it’s your turn to stand on my shoulders, but we’re almost across!”

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