Looking for Nemo

Well, I almost posted this a week ago, but that too-humorous Ned over at Ned’s blog had a post titled That time my daughter found Nemo—then ate him.

travel Maldives
A cool, black, white and orange clownfish in the Maldives

Of course his post has nothing to do with my post about searching for Nemo in the Maldives, but I decided to delay my Nemo-titled post just in case Ned has nothing better to do than watch my blog and send me anti-fan mail.

Seriously though, readers. His Nemo post is all kinds of awesome and you should click the link above to go read it (after you finish mine, of course!)

travel Maldives
Clown(fish)ing around in their anemone home

I kept telling Kurt how much I wanted to find Nemo while we were in the Maldives. I’ve never seen a clownfish except in aquariums and if you’ve ever seen Finding Nemo, you know that’s completely the opposite point of the movie.

travel Maldives
Clownfish peeking out from an anemone. So happy with the Olympus underwater digital camera we had with us!

It was several days before we finally saw our first clownfish. The marine biologist at the resort took us to find one after I explained our trouble. After that we saw them everywhere. We had simply been looking in the wrong places, and too passively at that. We never did see one with the combination of colors and stripes that Nemo has, but I’m pretty sure we found the rest of his family.

travel Maldives
Even Flat Brandon took a tour underwater participated in finding Nemo. (He is now soggy Flat Brandon.)

Hope you’ve enjoyed these clownfish photos today, and remember to go check Ned’s humorous life lesson for his daughter.

Love, Marla

All photos and video for today’s post were taken with our new Olympus Underwater Digital Camera, by Kandooma’s resident Marine Biologist, Mohamed Shahid.


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  1. Marla, I can’t tell you how flattered I am that you’d postpone a post not to conflict with mine. If I’d known I’d be conflicting with Flat Brandon, I would’ve scrapped my post altogether 😉

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