Caption This Photo and Win Fifty Rand

I found a Fifty Rand bill.

After asking around if anyone nearby had lost money (amazingly, everyone had, but somehow they had all lost hundreds of rands, not simply a fifty) I decided to give it to one of my readers.

I don’t normally give away money, but in this case I think “found money” was meant to travel. You can win whether you’re international or local, whether you want to spend it or just collect it. I’ll put it in a nice little card with a note from me.

And it’s a perfect pairing, because the photo I want you to caption is of lions, and a lion is the animal on the fifty rand note:

travel South Africa
Fifty Rand Note. Republic of South Africa.

Would you like to win Fifty Rand?

Simply offer up your best caption for the photo, using the comments section. I’m going to make my husband choose the winner, since his sense of humor is better than mine.


travel South Africa
Caption this photo!

Deadline: Friday, 21 March 2014, Midnight

Enter multiple times. Comments can either be in the section below, or on the Traveling Marla Facebook post for today.

Winner will be announced next Monday. Good luck!

Love, Marla

14 thoughts on “Caption This Photo and Win Fifty Rand

  1. “It’s going to be okay Harry, you’ll get the zebra next time. No one is laughing, I promise. Now, let’s get up and go see if ther if there is a leg left we can share.”

  2. Dear Lord,
    Please forgive us for “lyin,” but we just couldn’t help it!

  3. “No, it’s not a herd of elephants going by, it’s all that drinking you did at the watering hole last night…”

  4. “It’s a no brainer, sweetheart! The gazelle has a bum leg; let’s just say grace now and go eat!”

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