Well, The Joke’s On Me…

I thought I was being pretty clever the other night. My husband gave me his phone to load photos on the computer. His phone has been quite clogged with a lot of our travel photos that I hadn’t dumped, and he needed more room for photos he needs to take on his jobsite.

So as I was sitting quietly on the couch, moving them over to his laptop, browsing through what was there, I came across an awful photo he took of me while on our Cape Town trip last November. I was on the side of the road, bending over to take a photo of some beautiful flowers, when Kurt had surreptitiously taken a photo with his iphone of my ample derriere bent over.

I’ll get him back for this! I was pleased with myself as I checked to make sure he wasn’t watching me, and hurried to set the photo as his desktop background. He caught my smirk and asked me what was up, but I said I was just enjoying the photos and quickly kept moving them over so he wouldn’t see what I had been looking at.

I closed the laptop and we finished watching our movie and went to bed. I had completely forgotten about my little trick when I got up this morning. I went about my usual routine (laundry, gym, shower) before getting online to check email before starting my day of writing.

Imagine my surprise when I opened my computer to realize that I had been using my own laptop the night before and was greeted by this desktop background:

travel South Africa
Humor may just be the key to a good marriage, but you have to have a pretty good sense of it!

Happy Tuesday, readers!

Love, Marla

P.S. The entertainment continued as I tried to decide what tags to accompany the photo and post today, which are important if I want people to be able to find the photo and accompanying blog. But when I typed in “bending over” the first suggestion was some kind of voyeuristic site about bad girls bending over.

And y’know, I’m pretty sure my photo wouldn’t fit into the category, but it might be entertaining to be scrolling down through that and be assaulted with this one, haha.

3 thoughts on “Well, The Joke’s On Me…

  1. I have two thoughts: one is that Kurt is in love with your ample derrier, and would probably enjoy this as his laptop background. Second, the caption might read: Just making room in the camera’s memory – you’d be surprized how many pixels can be in one picture!

    love you, Marno!

  2. Hahaha Marbo! You slay me! It would have been hilarious if you had made it Kurt’s background, but this is even funnier.

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