March of the Penguins…Column

Hello readers!

My March column is now online over at Expat Focus, and I hope so much that you will take a moment to go read it. Kurt says he gives it two flippers up. Please click the link below to read it, then return for some photos:

Stony Point Penguin Colony in South Africa

And here are a few photos for you to enjoy related to this month’s column.

Love, Marla

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4 thoughts on “March of the Penguins…Column

  1. Loved all the pics! The story in the focus was fantastic! Was just like riding along! I do take exception to the re-heading of your blog tho; I’ve always referred to myseld as the introspective, philosophical dork! Hahaha…guess there’s plenty of room!

  2. I love penguins. So glad you got out of the car, wrote the story, and snapped the wonderful pics for us.

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