Go For the Flowers, Stay for the Ghost

Postberg Flowers travel South Africa

I had a lot of fun writing October’s column for the Expat Focus website, and I hope you have as much fun reading it: Go For the Flowers, Stay for the Ghost And, as always, a few extra photos just for you… Thanks for reading. The best compliment you can give is to share my […]

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There is No Man in the Moon in South Africa?

travel South Africa supermoon

Calling all South Africans! I have many questions for you today… Can you tell me your favorite constellations and places to view the night sky? I’ve already looked up the observatories online (and am loving the SAAO website), but if I’ve figured out one thing about South Africans, it’s that each of you have great […]

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Crocs, Hippos…and Bilharzia?

travel Africa Blyde River Canyon

I just realized I never shared my June column on the Traveling Marla site! Since today is Manuscript Monday, and since I do hope all these South African adventures one day find themselves into a new collection of stories, I hope you don’t mind my sharing my Expat Focus column: Crocodiles, Hippos…And Bilharzia in South […]

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There’s No Place Like Home…or “Home” What’s Your New Normal?

When did we become the people who stop in Paris, because we can, because it’s on the way back “home”? And where is “home” anymore? Just how long do you live in a place before it takes up permanent residence your heart? And how long does it take before your new life becomes just another […]

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March of the Penguins…Column

South Africa travel Cape Town Expat Focus

Hello readers! My March column is now online over at Expat Focus, and I hope so much that you will take a moment to go read it. Kurt says he gives it two flippers up. Please click the link below to read it, then return for some photos: Stony Point Penguin Colony in South Africa […]

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My New Column at Expat Focus

I’m excited to announce that I am now a columnist for Expat Focus, and will be creating for them a monthly article about life as an American expat in South Africa. You will see the following badge appear from now on at the right of my website, and clicking it will take you directly to […]

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