What Literary Character Are You?

I hate those quizzes. Have you seen them on social media? Which Downton Abbey character are you? Or, which Jane Austin heroine are you? Which Duck Dynasty star is your twinsie? (Stay with me ’til the end and you can take a quiz to find out which of Marla’s siblings you are…)

C'mon. I'm totally Sybil. Stupid quiz thought I was Edith. As if...!
C’mon. I’m totally Sybil. Stupid quiz thought I was Edith. As if…!

Then they proceed to hit you with a variety of ridiculous questions like “If you saw a rat in the street, would you (a) rescue it; (b) run it over: (c) look away; (d) scream and faint. They totally skip the part where the rat is drinking a forty and chattering at you, and you are carrying a large stack of library books, a pistol and a rat-human translator app on your iphone which totally changes the equation.

I know some friends who take and re-take these quizzes until they get the character they want, which is often simply the character they relate with most, or maybe the kind of person they want to be. And who are we to label them as Snookie from Jersey Shore if their interior monologue screams Elizabeth from Survivor Season Two (Hasselbeck of The View)?

I mean seriously, anyone can tell you I’m more like Dobby the House Elf, or Luna Lovegood than Dumbledore. Sheesh. But apparently not according to the latest “Which Harry Potter Character Are You?” Quiz.


Why do we even need these quizzes?

We are who we choose to be, not what our favorite color, underpants preference or propensity for climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro vs. being a couch potato tells us we are.

I guarantee nobody can guess the character I most closely associate with, and since I already know you won’t guess it, I’ll give you several clues: she’s from a piece of short-fiction written in the early 1900s by a female author.  The defining moment of the story is the blowing out of a candle by the heroine. Got it now? Okay, maybe only the real literary geeks got that one.

How about you? Do you know what character (of any book, television series or movie) you are?

Happy Monday, friends. Hope this gave you a little mindless break from the beginning of the grind. May your week be productive and quick!

Love, Marla

P.S. Still love those quizzes? Okay, here is one: WHICH OF MARLA’S SIBLINGS ARE YOU?

1) What’s your favorite kind of music?

A) Country and Throwback 60s/70s
B) Artsy and Throwback 60s/70s
C) Anything and Throwback 70s/80s

2) On an average weekend you

A) Spend time with your spouse enjoying the children or grandchildren and hit the local coffee shop with friends
B) Get on your motorbikes and take a leisurely ride through the countryside and hit a local coffee shop
C) Do as little as possible, sleep in and eat a lot, and have coffee at the local coffee shop alone

3) You voter registration is

A) Republican
B) Democrat
C) Libertarian


Mostly A’s = Congratulations! You are Marla’s big brother, Jeff. You are stubborn, gregarious, loyal, opinionated and like spending time with family and friends in varying degrees.

Mostly B’s = Congratulations! You are Marla’s big sister, Wendy. You are stubborn, gregarious, loyal, opinionated and like spending time with family and friends in varying degrees.

Mostly C’s = Congratulations! You are Marla. You are stubborn, gregarious, loyal, opinionated and like spending time with family and friends in varying degrees.

9 thoughts on “What Literary Character Are You?

  1. I think I could be your older sister. Twice removed. Meaning, if I showed up at your place, you’d probably have me removed at least twice before moving again 😉

  2. I think those quizzes are funny. I take the ones that tell you where you should live, whether it is what country, state or city. Those are my favorite. They always tell me I should live in Texas or Louisiana (I am third generation Texan and live here but half my family is from Louisiana). They usually tell me I should live in Houston, it is where I lived most of my adult life. They usually tell me I should live in Barcelona, Spain.

    By the way I am your sister.

  3. You are all characters! I miss your mom; she was a wonderful character too. As a matter of fact you all are the characters you are because of both mom & dad and that’s not a bad thing. I love you.

  4. Well, what do you know – I got myself! And I resemble that remark… especially the stubborn part. Eowyn or Ayla, depending on whether I want to be a fictional character from middle earth or Pre-historic earth. WHen I was very young I related to Katie John and Pippi Longstocking. Whatever heroine is self-reliant, doesn’t fit in, and doesn’t care to. Still, I like those quizzes… they pass the time when I don’t want to work, and who can’t identify with Sweetums from the Muppets??

  5. So you’re a Kira Knightly – Elizabeth Bennett? (candle-blower-outer) I’m Toad (from Frog & Toad by Arnold Lobel), and I’m more like you and Wendy…but mostly I’d check “D”, if you had it – for none of the above. :o)

  6. Hahahaha!! Great post…I took the quiz at the end myself…turns out I’m more like you or Wendy, hahaha…stupid quizzes! 😉
    Happy Monday!

    1. B.T.W. I think I’m more of a Han Solo, or Jack Ryan! Hahaha…b’liv that!

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