Dear Africa, Stop Confusing Me with Tigers!

There are no native African tigers
A little too close for my preference, especially while in stalking mode.

Tigers are not native to Africa, in case you didn’t know. I have to admit that before moving to South Africa, I did not know there were no African tigers. I mean, I knew from American zoos that there were “Bengal tigers” and “Siberian tigers” and when we used to play pool four days a week, we knew a dude who raised ligers in Pennsylvania.

But I always assumed (yeah, I know) that there would also be tigers in Africa, because wtf…it’s Africa. Doesn’t everything come from here?

Well of course not, and origins aside, it’s still pretty amazing how close these places let the public get to the wildlife. In today’s video and photo, we were in the breeding area of the Lion and Rhino Reserve in Krugersdorp.

Seeing that I am apparently a pee magnet, I thought I would share yet another scent-marking video. It’s short and sweet, and my favorite part is the little leg shake at the end.

Happy “Over the Hump” Day!

Love, Marla

6 thoughts on “Dear Africa, Stop Confusing Me with Tigers!

  1. I think that’s what Marla means in Zulu -she who is always marked by wildlife…by the by…what is the purpose of a tiger in a Rhino and lion reserve? Checking fitness of herd? Giving lions an inferiority complex?? What??

    1. Also funny. They have a breeding program, so the park itself is primarily open ranges that you can drive through (windows up! windows up!) and then they have this secondary area that is for breeding of big cats, so they also have tigers.

      I suppose it’s like anywhere else, everybody loves to see tigers, even if they have to bring them in.

  2. I think that’s what Marla means in Zulu -she who is always marked by wildlife

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