Lacock is a Funny Word, And My Nova Scotian Vacation

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Lacock is a Funny Word

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Spook and his pint at The George Inn.
(Photo credit: Kriscinda Everitt)

It was a dark and scary night. Actually, it was a dark and scary pint at The George Inn in the scenic and historic village of Lacock. It was home of William Henry Fox Talbot, “inventor and photography pioneer,” whose manor house you could see from the tour bus as you entered the village. Was he also perhaps a distant cousin of werewolf Larry Talbot, played by Lon Chaney Jr. in “The Wolf Man” and then later by Benicio Del Toro in its remake, which was filmed at Castle Combe (which I also toured) a mere ten miles away? Coincidence? I think not! It is a little known local custom of the county of Wiltshire that if you leave the pub after nightfall, you must drink your body weight in a dark, heavy brew. It’s said to protect you from the werewolf you will most assuredly see on the walk home. I did not see a werewolf when I left, but I did throw up some beans on the bus.


My Nova Scotia Vacation

guest post blog Traveling Marla South Africa move
Spook in Nova Scotia

The ragged Nova Scotian coastline cuts a foamy, rocky seam between the vast expanse of the Atlantic and the yawning, thunderous caves of The Ovens. The Ovens National Park in Riverport, NS is located just south of Lunenburg, a pricey, scenic fishing village. It is a coastal forest preserve and easily accessible from the Lighthouse Route. “The Ovens” actually refers to a series of sea caves, which emit a somewhat disconcerting roar as the massive waves rush in and pound against their stony backs. In the park, you can go kayaking, camping, and even do some gold panning. You can also probably pretty easily get rid of several unwanted meatbag bodies. I say “probably” because I wouldn’t know. Which is to say that I do not have experience in such a thing, there, at The Ovens. Not there, with the raging waves smashing against the jagged cliff faces. Not in those deep, black caves in which the wave action probably acts as a blender. Probably.


guest post blog Traveling Marla South Africa move
The author in Edinburgh, 2012.

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    Do you suppose fish like blenderized meatbags?

  2. The Spooks are so stinkin’ cute.
    There is a street on Pittsburgh’s Northshore called “Lacock.” I, for a while, thought it was pronounced “la cock,” you know, Spanish for “the cock.” 😉 But, I learned from the bus recording lady that it is pronounced “lay cock,” which is a little worse. And that bus lady really stresses the cock part. “Approaching lay-COCK. Stop requested.”

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