If Marla’s Blog were MINE!

Well since Marla is moving and super busy I have been recruited to do a bit of a guest blog and make Marla’s blog mine for a day. Cue maniacal laughter… muahahahaha.

No but really.

I’ve been following Marla for a while now and we comment back and forth, she is such a source of motivation and frequent laughter, so I’ll try not to do her blog any injustice and simply write about what I know… which is fitness!

Being as we seem to motivate each other I thought I would talk about that very thing… motivation. There are essentially two types of motivation (1) intrinsic – motivated by internal factors and (2) extrinsic – motivated by external forces. Most people use a combination of the two but to varying degrees. What I have personally found and what research shows, is that extrinsic motivation tends to be great for short term and extreme changes, whereas intrinsic motivators tend  to make long lasting and slower changes.

guest post blog Traveling Marla South Africa move
Rose, posing for UFE Halloween Mayhem 2012.

Here are some examples:


–          I want to decrease my back pain

–          I want to improve my digestive health

–          I want to beat my personal best 5K time

–          I want to lift 2 times my body weight in a deadlift


–          I want to impress my boyfriend

–          I want to look smokin’ for my vacation

–          I want to compete in a fitness competition

–          I want my mom to stop nagging me

Since these both have difference effects, we can use then to build a motivation foundation for ourselves. We can combine extrinsic motivators for fast and drastic changes, with intrinsic motivators for long lasting effect. I have done this multiple times including going so far as to sign up for a fitness competitions so I had the fear of walking up on stage in a bikini to motivate me. But I also used motivators like building on personal bests in the weight room, or going gluten free to help with my stomach pain to keep me on track.

If you don’t have anything that is motivating you right now you can create motivators like recruiting a friend to call you every week and force you to admit any wine of chocolate you had, or signing up for a race that you have to train for. In general it is easier to create extrinsic motivators, but after getting into the lifestyle you may find yourself motivated by those internal things. I know that after I make a new personal record I feel on top of the world and I can’t wait to beat that!

Well Marla, I hope your move goes well and if any of your readers want to find me they can hop over to onthegofitness.wordpress.com or facebook at https://www.facebook.com/otgfitness


guest post blog Traveling Marla South Africa move
The author (my fitness inspiration) Rose Blackman

About Rose at On the Go Fitness:

I am a 20-something trying to find balance between working long hours at the office, being fit and finding time for family, friends and love.


Marla recommends you read her full bio. by clicking here. Full of life (and more photos!) She is beautiful inside and out.


Traveling Marla is unplugged for three weeks while she prepares for her move to South Africa. She put out a call for guest posts (see original request here), and is grateful to receive so much support! Please see the full list below.

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Thanks, as always for taking time to read my blog and comment. Although I’m offline right now, I will return in a few short weeks when we’re settled in South Africa and I promise to read all of your comments!

Love, Marla

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  1. So much truth here! I love how you describe the two different motivators. I honestly hadn’t given it a lot of thought. My journey certainly started with the extrinsic, then quickly evolved toward the intrinsic – but not completely. I guess the gist here is that I feed my motivation with a densely intrinsic cake decorated with extrinsic sprinkles!

    1. Haha love the cake metaphor! I think that’s really common. The whole starting with extrinsic and then moving toward intrinsic. You have so much power in you. Suck motivation!

  2. Nice post, Rose. I know from talking to Marla, that you have been a great source of inspiration for her, I can see why! Not often I see twentysomethings who seem to know who they are so well! Smokin’ too, wish I had abs like that!!

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