Delta Airlines’ Weird Safety Videos and Winner of the VIP Tickets to RZA!

Pittsburgh Arts and Lectures New Hazlett Theater
Pittsburgh Arts and Lectures New Hazlett Theater

Meet RZA of Wu-Tan with these special VIP Tickets!

First, congratulations to Amy Cornelius Dembosky, who won the 2 VIP Tickets to meet RZA tonight! Please contact me ASAP to make arrangements for your tickets.


Second, have you flown Delta lately?

My regular readers know I’m partial to train travel, but we needed to fly on our recent Florida trip to save time (let’s get those bullet trains already!).

It wasn’t until the last leg of our return trip that we actually watched their weird-ass safety video.

This is old hat, I’m sure, for frequent flyers, but this is the first I saw one the new safety videos (there are a few different versions).  It was too entertaining to not share.

And is it me, or do you also see Abe Lincoln during one point of this first version?


Here’s version 2:


Of course, if you’re not too entertained by the above, you may prefer this kinda’ stoopid, strange, potty-humorish parody of the Delta safety videos. Why bother sharing it? Well, I had to give them props for the Darth Vader moment:


It’s supposed to be around 80°F here in Pittsburgh. I’m de-Sasquatching in preparation for shorts’ weather, then looking forward to stalking, er I mean “meeting” RZA tonight!

Whatever your weather or your plans, have a beautiful Thursday!

Love, Marla

5 Comments on “Delta Airlines’ Weird Safety Videos and Winner of the VIP Tickets to RZA!

  1. An interesting article on this type of safety video that I read in the NY Times a few months ago:

    I’m one of those dorks who watches the safety video/follows along on the safety information card every single time I fly. I know all of it, but am always afraid there will be one tiny new piece of information that I will need someday.

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