Meet RZA of Wu-Tang with these VIP Tickets! (And 5 Other Winners Announced!)

Tomorrow night, Wu-Tang’s RZA will be in Pittsburgh as part of his “Wisdom of the Word” tour, to talk about his life and his new book, the Tao of Wu.

Pittsburgh Arts and Lectures New Hazlett Theater
Meet RZA of Wu-Tan with these special VIP Tickets!

I have a special pair of VIP tickets for one of you! These tickets are ORCHESTRA SEATS to his onstage interview with Terrence Hayes, followed by a special pass for a meet and greet with RZA and special book signing!

The VIP slip gives you access to a special meet and greet with RZA after the lecture.

DEADLINE = 8AM Tomorrow (Thursday, April 18th, 2013). I’ll draw and announce the winner tomorrow morning.




I recently had several contests, and have been away the last week, putting a delay in drawing the winners of these contests. But we’re back and I have several winners to announce!


Winner of The American Essay in the American Century, signed by Ned Stuckey-French:

Trophos (The Dancing Professor blogger). 


Winner of the signed Adrienne Rich book:

Melanie Hooks


Winner of the signed book by Kelly Davio, Burn This House (and candy bar!):

Christine Langill


Winner of a Red Hen Press notebook and pen:

Linda M. Oakes (blogger at A Random Harvest)


Winner of  the signed hardcover, The Palace of Contemplating Departure, by Brynn Saito:

Caroline Tanski


Congratulations, Winners!  Since so many of you are new readers here, please email me where to mail your book! (marla at marlasinkdruzgal dot com) or message through my Facebook page.

Also, special thanks to a reader who sent me a lovely email requesting the “old Marla blogging” back. It seems that while you love a good contest, you preferred them as an endnote to my writing about something else, or making them a little more part of a blog “about something other than a book review.”

That might explain the little dip in comments lately, so…okay! So after today, we will go back to the previous posting routine, with giveaways as a dessert to a blog post, not the meat and potatoes.

Thanks, as always, for being such great readers and being so invested in my writing and my travels!

Love, Marla

5 thoughts on “Meet RZA of Wu-Tang with these VIP Tickets! (And 5 Other Winners Announced!)

  1. woooo! Exciting!! Thanks for the heads-up, too – I did indeed miss this post! I’ll email you in a bit 🙂

  2. This is my blog post comment so that I might fulfill as many of the contest-winning prerequisites as possible so that WE MIGHT SEE THE RZA YO DAMN!!! 😉

  3. If appropriate, I forgive you, Marla. I just figured you have been too busy to do the usual blogs, traveling and getting ready to close up the US home and travel to Africa. I’ll enjoy the “old fashioned” blogs again too, even tho I haven’t bugged you about it. Love you!

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