WINNER of The River of Doubt and Enter for the VIP Tickets to RZA!

giveaway winner Leslie Conder Pittsburgh Arts and Lectures Candice Millard1. River of Doubt Winner

2. Destiny of the Republic giveaway

3. Enter to win VIP Tickets to RZA







giveaway winner Pittsburgh Arts and Lectures Candice Millard
So excited for all the entries for the River of Doubt contest!


CONGRATULATIONS to the winner of The River of Doubt: Leslie Conder of Boston, Massachussetts!

I was excited to see so many people participate in this contest!

ALL OF YOU who entered have one entry for the 2 VIP RZA tickets that I’ll be drawing for at the end of the month. You are ALSO eligible for a Traveling Marla postcard – to get your postcard, please make sure you send me your mailing address. Email it to me: marla at marlasinkdruzgal dot com (of course you know to use the @ sign for at, and the . for dot, right? ­čśë ).

giveaway winner Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures Candice Millard
Each entry was folded and mixed together in this handy bag from Mystery Lovers Books.


The contest for Destiny of the Republic also ended, but with no entrants. You might remember from the original post that two contests were announced on the same blog post: the River of Doubt contest, in which people could enter several ways, through social media and comments; and the Destiny of the Republic contest, in which the only way to enter was to make a donation to Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures. Unfortunately, there were no confirmed donations to Pittsburgh Arts and Lectures for this contest, during the time period of Dec 4-13th. (Participants were to send me a confirmation of their donation for entry.)

*Unless someone comes forward before tomorrow with proof of donation to PA&L between Dec 4-13, Destiny of the Republic will be up for a new contest tomorrow.

Remember folks, most of the books I have for you in these contests I would not have if it weren’t for PA&L bringing these wonderful authors into Pittsburgh. That’s why I try to support them back by encouraging my readers to donate.

giveaway winner Pittsburgh Arts and Lectures Candice Millard
Kurt hamming up the building of suspense for the drawing.


You might remember that each time you enter one of these contests, you’re AUTOMATICALLY entered to win 2 VIP Tickets to RZA in April. I will be drawing for that on New Year’s Eve and announcing the winner New Year’s Day. So even if you aren’t excited about each contest, enter anyway to get more entries for the RZA Tickets!

ADD AN ENTRY FOR THOSE RZA TICKETS TODAY: Comment below congratulating Leslie on her win and telling me which author you think would be amazing for PA&L to bring to Pittsburgh.

Love, Marla

P.S. There are several things I’m giving away right now, make sure to check out my Contests Page!

giveaway winner Pittsburgh Arts and Lectures Candice Millard
Kurt unfolding the name for me to read (and photograph).

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