December Flashback: Carol of the Druzgals

In 2009, before I began blogging, Kurt and I shared an eventful year via a video holiday card for family and friends. We were living in Los Angeles.

2009 was insane. Obama’s inauguration was the first I ever watched. Kurt had assignments in Point Pleasant, West Virginia and Hastings, Nebraska before being moved to Los Angeles, California. We were soaking up the sun and still giddy from watching the Pittsburgh Steelers win the Superbowl and the Penguins win the Stanley Cup, as we watched from a little bar in Hastings, Nebraska.

After arriving in Los Angeles, I ran into Rutger Hauer at the convenience store, went to the Jay Leno Show and the Price is Right. We traveled to the Redwoods, went to the X-Games, to the Miramar Air Show and so many iconic spots in L.A. with our visitors from back home that we couldn’t keep track.

This was our dorky tribute song, to the music of the TransSiberian Orchestra:

Kurt has said that I won’t get him to do another video unless we’re living too far away for a drive home, so maybe that means something strange and wonderful from Africa next year.

I don’t know, but in the meantime, I thought I’d ring in December with our goofy little video capturing the best of 2009.

Love, Marla

P.S. The lyrics are terrible, but if you’re like me, you like to know things like that, so here is the original video outline. The formatting won’t come through very well on WordPress, but in the original certain words overlap to go with the music (and you might be able to guess Kurt and I attempted to perform them that way).

I printed these large (including the directions) and hung them just below the video recorder so we could see them as we performed. 7 takes, btw, is all we could stand doing it. I think the lack of “perfection” adds to the charm…

MARLA:   We left our friends and fa-mi-ly

To work in oth-er states

KURT:       Her bro-ther told her not to be hip-pie

MARLA:   a bleeding heart liberal hippie

KURT                          Her brother told her not to be hippie

MARLA           he told me not to ever hug a…


8 count of music starting with “tree” picture

KURT:             Point Pleas-ant West Vir-gin-i-a

MARLA:   The Mothman didn’t come to us

MARLA:   Rich history

KURT:       Not much to see.

MARLA:   Mothman story!

KURT:       Ren-ted movies.

KURT:       Back to PA.                (higher pitch)

            For a short stay

MARLA:   Obama’s Day

I watched him say

“Prepare the nation

for a new age and

roll back the spectre…”

I am waiting.

KURT:       But this isn’t a pol-it-i-cal piece

MARLA:   Though we hope he may be working toward peace.

KURT:       On to Feb-ru-ar-y

            Di-ane’s foot-ball par-ty

MARLA:   Harrison was running

Steelers won the 6th trophy!


MARLA: (1:30)    Onward were we

to the prairie

Nebraska town

No one a-round

KURT:                -I thought she might just hang herself

MARLA:   Smelled like a cow

no, wait.  A sow.

or ethanol.

I had a ball.

KURT:             She made 10 trips back home for stuff

MARLA:   Tornados came

and lots of rain

Not all was bad

Kool-Aid oh yeah!

KURT:                     But no we made the best of it

MARLA:   Gizzards – no way!

Garden Café

made us a good

Pittsburgh salad

KURT:                       Al-though it reall-y smelled like shit.

MARLA:   to watch the Pens

win once again

the Stanley Cup

Wings – suck it up!

KURT: (1:50) Crossed the Rock-ies                (Change to FAST)

            To Glen-wood Springs

            saw Steel-ers truck

            Knew it was luck!


            Bryce Canyon next              (Higher pitch)

            then to the west:

            south of L. A.

            sun ev’ry day.


MARLA: (1:57)    We went to see a

concert on Sunset

My heavy metal

friend Randy jammed it

with his band Flatline

at Whisky Go Go

I didn’t mosh ‘cause

Kurt he said “No, no.”

KURT (SLOWLY) That   Was   Lat-   er

            In   Sept   em   ber

            First   was   skate   boards

            Hunt   ing   ton  beach

MARLA: (2:20)    Oh yeah and Baxter

mounted an actor’s

dog at the dog park

Now I’m on track.

            And then I saw Rutger Hauer shopping

KURT:       And on cue you stuttered-did your Garth thing

MARLA: (2:28)    I’m not that bad

KURT:       You’re such a spaz.              (Change rhythm)

MARLA:   X Games were next

KURT:       Vert BMX

            and saw Shaun White

MARLA:   (Not on a bike)

KURT:       saw moto too

            then to the zoo


­MARLA: (2:36)    with our great nieces

‘manda and beth’ny

then Escondido

Falls (more like drip)

KURT: (2:40) Amy, Liz and Roland visited next.

Marla:            Took a creepy tour, stalked Adam Sandler.

KURT: (2:43) Saw the Red-wood For-est

MARLA           Hiway One was gorgeous

KURT:       Came back went ice-skating

MARLA:   I went to Jay Leno  show

KURT: (2:48)                 Mir-a-Mar: Fun!

                             Air Show – Top Gun!

MARLA:                     Emily came

and we got rain

KURT;                         Saw mom & dad

                              Gone.  Now I’m sad.

MARLA:                     October gone.

Walked for my mom.


                              FLEURY WAS SPAZZING.



KURT:                   NO LEAVES WERE TURNING

                              SUN IS STILL BURNING

MARLA                 WE’RE STILL PA KIDS







[Marla indicates 2, then gives peace sign]

(Not to music, just speaking)

KURT:             Feliz Navidad & Merry Christmas!

MARLA:   Melekelekemaka

KURT:       Happy Hannukah.  Happy Kwanzaa.

MARLA:   Akemasite omedatou gozaimasu.


6 thoughts on “December Flashback: Carol of the Druzgals

  1. Hahaha…yea I remember that!! Ditto on Brandon’s “dorks” comments!! Hahaha…thought you guys were gonna make that some sort of tradition, bummer! Well maybe next one can have some sort of south Africa theme!

  2. OMG…I forgot how flippin’ funny this is. 3 years seems like such a long time, even though it’s not. This just made me literally “LOL” as much as I did the first time. You two are dorks, and I LOVE it so much…wouldn’t have it any other way! 🙂 And the lyrics help!

    1. Brandon!!!!!
      Aww, cool. Thanks so much for saying that. Yeah, it was requested on Facebook again this year (it has been requested there every year) and I thought I should share it on the blog, too. I say if it makes other people happy, dork it up! 🙂 Love, Auntie M.

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