Post-Card Challenge, Part 2: From Me to Yinz

horse-drawn canal boat
Would you like Traveling Marla to send this postcard to someone special? Email me: marla at and tell me who, and why. Don’t forget to give me their address!

I wanted to post a few of the cards I received since putting out the post-card challenge a week or so ago. I’m also going to post the card that inspired the post itself.  I would love to hear from any of you who sent a letter or postcard to someone other than me.

I’m so grateful that I received a few postcards and even a heartfelt letter (I’m not going to post the letter because it’s just beyond precious and some things even I am too selfish to share 😉 )

As a thank-you for embracing the challenge and reading my posts, I’d like to send a few postcards from Traveling Marla to a friend of yours. So Challenge#2 – email me (marla at with the name and address of someone who you think could really use a handwritten postcard, and I’ll pick three to receive this postcard I picked up while taking a canal boat tour here in Coshocton, Ohio.

Thank you, readers!

If you missed the challenge and want to drop a card for the next post-card blog (it may be awhile) here’s my address: Traveling Marla Druzgal * PO Box 247 * Coshocton, Ohio * USA * 43812-0247

Also – if any of these cards are from you, and you don’t mind being publicly acknowledged, let me know and I’ll update the post to include your name.

Love, Sasquatch

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