Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

Crumbling Bridge Heritage Trail
Crumbling Bridge. Heritage Trail. “Mine.”

I knew immediately the photo I wanted for this week’s photo challenge from WordPress. Their prompt is the word, “Mine.” The timing was perfect because I was already thinking about that exact word this morning as I had a goodbye walk on Madison’s Heritage Trail. I was in town for Chautauqua, but kept finding myself wandering away from the thoroughfare to Main Street and to the river-walk, and to the trails I missed. But all weekend I kept thinking that I needed a few moments to go to “my” crumbling bridge. This morning I arrived before sunrise and tried to memorize its outline in the gray light.

I claimed the crumbling bridge from the moment I sat on a nearby rock to write. Crumbling Bridge Heritage Trail section

Some of you may have read previous blogs about this writing spot and about the trail itself. I’ve gone here with friends, but somehow I’ve never minded, because it always feels like I’m sharing a treasure that belongs to me. I think that’s because in taking someone here, I’m giving part of myself, even if everything shared is unspoken. (In other words, I’m living in my mind again.)

Marla Kurt Crumbling Bridge Heritage Trail
Resting with Kurt after a bike ride and climb to the top of the crumbling bridge on the Heritage Trail in Madison, Indiana

I would return to the spot to write often during my time living in Madison, Indiana. For me, to claim something fully, I also need to draw it. It’s a newer creative outlet for me. It forces me to look more closely and in the process it allows me to take away part of what I see in a way that really is my own.Crumbling Bridge Heritage Trail drawing

Thanks for stopping by. I will be writing posts this week on both Madison and Coshocton. There have been so many events in my life lately that I don’t even know when all the posts will catch up.

Love, Marla


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