Weekend Window: Raven’s Glenn Brunch

Raven's Glenn view
View from the outside dining deck at Raven’s Glenn Winery. It was a little too chilly to eat outside when I was there, but I wandered the grounds to get some nice photos after I was finished with brunch.

Today’s photo blog is from last Sunday’s brunch at Raven’s Glenn Winery near Coshocton, Ohio. Adjusting to new towns also means exploring local restaurants. I admit that I’ve gotten such a taste for “fine dining” that it’s sometimes takes a little time to return to my roots. From the list in hand given to me by locals and from the internet, it appears Coshocton food is very much like the fare available near the region where I grew up, in western Pennsylvania. This means it’s delicious, but also that if I want selections more gourmet, or raw, or just, well, not fried or casseroled, I may have to actually start learning to cook. (Gee, what a concept, huh?)

In the meantime, I’m enjoying local wine and country cooking and still…always look forward to bringing you local flavors. Sometimes when I stop being a food snob, I remember what it is I love about small town cooking. Here is a photo blog about what I love at Raven’s Glenn Winery Sunday Brunch.

Love, Marla

Ravens Glenn window seat
I loved my view of the river from the window.

Ravens Glenn Winery and Restaurant
Ravens Glenn Winery and Restaurant

Alex Raven's Glenn
Friendly Chef Alex makes a perfect omelette at Raven’s Glenn Sunday brunch.

Raven's Glenn Sunday Brunch
I forget how much I love ham. It’s still a huge weakness in my physical need to be more vegetarian. I’ll regret it later, but good golly this was done perfectly, as was my omelette.

Raven's Glenn car show
A car show was taking place in the parking lot of Raven’s Glenn while I was there.

Ravens Glenn Sunday buffet brunch
Country charm at Ravens Glenn Sunday buffet brunch

Ravens Glenn desserts
I wish these desserts had been available in sample sizes. One of the best features of a brunch is to introduce new (and regular) diners to a variety of menu options (hence the buffet), so that we will choose different items when we come for regular evenings. For this reason, a lot of brunches I’ve been to (and believe me, I’ve lost count) make desserts bite size/sample size so that you have a “taste” of more than one. There was no way I was going to take four whole pieces to the table knowing I couldn’t finish them all. I selected the lemon berry cake (no descriptions on the table so best guess on what each was). It was delicious.

Lisa Raven's Glenn
Lovely Server Lisa holds the bottle of Sangria I bought. She gave me a great recipe tip for mixing their sangria with a few other things to make a party punch.

Ravens Glenn views
Views at Raven’s Glenn winery

Raven's Glenn Wine Tasting
Morning Sangria and a view of the river. Great table for brunch at Raven’s Glenn.