Published Photo

The Fourth River Issue 9
My photo, “Pulteney’s Ballad” on the cover of The Fourth River

I’m excited to announce that my photo, “Pulteney’s Ballad” was published as the cover of The Fourth River, “a journal of nature and place-based writing.”

I shot the photo at the Pulteney Bridge in Bath, England. Sir William Pulteney was the Earl of Bath. He was born William Johnstone, but upon marrying heiress Frances Pulteney, he took her name.

Pulteney Bridge
Pulteney Bridge, Bath, England
Pulteney Bridge
Pulteney Bridge Architects hired by Sir William Pulteney

The original ballad I’m referencing in the title was a political piece written in 1734. I found it relevant at the time I was submitting the photo for consideration. When I read about Pulteney and the original Pulteney’s Ballad, I knew it was the title I wanted for the photo. Politics aren’t for general conversation, but when I read several of the political ballads of the time and the differences between the parties, I was really looking at the disputes and ballads as both metaphor and analogy: for the bridge; and for a lot of today’s politics.

The River Avon
The River Avon just after it passes under Pulteney Bridge in Bath, England

Crossing Pulteney Bridge
There are many shops on Pulteney Bridge. This photo is taken heading back toward Bath from across the bridge.
Pulteney Bridge
I have my friend, John Brick, to thank for using my camera to take this photo of me at Pulteney Bridge. John was part of our Travel Writing group exploring “Literary England.”

Regardless of the inspiration for the name, I hope you enjoy this short post and the cover photo of The Fourth River. The writing inside Issue 9 is much more inspirational than my cover photo, so I hope you’ll consider ordering a copy using the information on their website by clicking here.

Have a beautiful weekend.

Love, Marla