Tuesdays in Tshwane: Rhino Orphanage Truck

Has another week gone by, already!? Where is 2015 going in such a hurry?

Here’s a snap taken shortly after we moved to Tshwane (pka Pretoria). A tractor pulling a couple of rhinoceros statues was very attention-grabbing, and I’m glad. There can never be enough attention focused on rhinoceros conservation.

rhino conservation Africa travel
Rhino Orphanage truck, Pretoria, South Africa

The photo links to the website of the Rhino Orphanage. They are a non-profit organization, dedicated to the care of orphaned and injured baby rhinos. (Sadly there is a steady need for this.) I encourage you to click on the photo and take a look at their site, and thankfully, they use PayPal, so you can donate easily from the states.

And there’s my Tuesday from Tshwane, readers!

Love, MarLa

travel South Africa Pretoria capital
Tshwane (pka Pretoria) South Africa